Thursday, March 22, 2007

Magic Shop Blues

So I'm out in Hollywood, CA right now. Within walking distance of Hollywood magic. Now I am not gonna say people in CA are superficial or stuck up.. but there are the odd fucknut here and there. Case in point....

Hollywood magic. I decided to go in and look around. I asked the first guy I saw what was new and amusing. Looking up from his book he said something to the effect of, "Yah sure over there". He nodded and then went back to his magic tome. So this older gentleman came out from the back and showed me some of the stuff I already knew was out but I like to make magic shops workers jump through hoops.

Before I get to the amusing part of the story I want to say this: I have been to many magic stores in my life and most of them are full of bitter guys who don't wanna show you stuff because yer not well known, their friend, or up to it. This is why the internet is kicking the brick and mortar shops ASS. No one to with a bad attitude to deal with behind the counter. Just point, click, and the only people who bother you are the credit card companies.

So anyway, back to my magical trip.... I decided to be coy and ask the older gentleman, who had the complexion of Bill Murray, if they happened to carry the book that came out on the razor blade trick called Helter Shelter. His reply? "it's out of print." I said "Really? It's fairly new" His response was golden. "Yah it's already out of print."

Being the author I realised A: He's full of shit. B: He didn't want to chance I was going to ask him to special order it. So long story short, Don't go to Hollywood Magic. Instead hit up the shop in Annaheim. There is a much friendlier shop there.

Tomorrow I go to the magic castle and make even less friends in magic. Wheeeeeeee...


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Am I mad? I'm a bit mad. I really am. It's not the 80's anymore. Any imagination or creativeness established then has flourished and anything from the mid-90's and beyond has been made to SUCK the life out of us. We are not a thinking people anymore and it seems we're happy that way. I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore. What the hell is WRONG with the entertainment business!? We're stuck in a damn time warp I swear.

The only ting that seems to thrive is Rip offs of European Circus (Another thing we have Canada to thank for.) what the hell happened to objective entertainment. Letting something be just because it looked cool. Now we want non-thinking, non-feeling, unoriginal tripe. If I hear one more time that an act can't be booked because it is too unique. It makes me sick to my stomach to think what the future holds. Do we really hold ourselves in such a high regard that reality TV is all we are interested in. Where are the Neverending Stories, the Labyrinths, the seeds of childhood. Oh wait I forgot.. they all got RAPED IN THE ASS BY THE MEDIA AND GOVERNMENT!!

There is a small cadre of people trying to break free the underground and bring crazyness into the light. Criss Fishing Rod is a damn poser... with crappy hair. How can YOU help? By joining in the fight and supporting the alternative arts. Remind yourself there is more to life than LOST and Survivor and crappy talent shows like America's got what we want you to believe is talent. Who won that show? A damn SINGER!! Oh there is a shock! Don't we already have a show for those fuckers!? I'm sick of it. If you're not gonna help us fight this war, be prepared to become a damn casualty because I personally will gut you with a playing card... the five of spades to be exact.

I say to thee... fight the power. We're on the outside looking in and I will not stand by and see the mundane take control.

Not by a long sot.


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hey there. Took a bit of a break for a while to do other stuff.. like work. This last weekend the principle footage for Helter Shelter: The Movie was filmed. Now editing a kimbo is to be had.. but that's not why I am here. Nay!

WMS (World Magic Seminar) happened last month (Yes I am a bit behind) and I finally looked up the winners of the contests. I took a gander at and saw in the photos that three girls won the teen cometitions. Way to go chicas!!

Wait.. you mean that one chick is a dood? Musta been the hair. "Weren't you that girl in Hanson?"

Anywho, glad to see more femmes are getting intrested in magic and STAYING in it well into their teens. There may be hope yet. Speaking of magical girlies here is your link for the day

It's a mind boggling thang.