Sunday, February 01, 2015

The Hypocrisy of it all...

I want to preface what I am about to say about the Wizard Wars TV show. Just because I am close to the source doesn't mean I don't see/know it's flaws. It's not a perfect animal but very few things ever really are. That said...

You know how I can tell magicians don't hate Wizard Wars? They all aren't up in arms about it. They aren't singing it's praises from the rooftops either but the complaining has been at a minimum and that in itself is an achievement because let's face it... you magicians LOVE to bitch.

The small rumblings I have seen are very hypocritical however. Let's look at some of the statements I have seen online.

"I don't care for magic being in a competition format" All I have to say to these people is I bet dollars to dog nuts that you have sat thru your fair share of magic competitions at a magic convention. Most of the magic on that show is far better than people who work for years on a competition act. (no not all of it but you get my point)

"I don't like the concept" The concept they are referring to is taking objects and, in a short amount of time, making magic with them that might not be as polished as other time tested stuff. The problem is these are the same people who laud the magician who can perform magic impromptu. Picking up objects they have never handled and, using the skills they have honed for years, doing magic with those items. There are whole competitions at magic gatherings doing just this and THAT seems fine.

"I miss the days of Copperfield/Henning/Carson/etc" Holy shit this one irritates me. This is why magic is so far behind most other performing mediums. We can't let go of the past and accept the evolution of a medium. I mean, I don't like the way most magicians dress like they just put on whatever was clean that morning but it is modern dress. (Who cares if they want to look like everyone else and not stand out.) I might not like it but I can accept it. At least this show is taking magic back onto the stage and in front of a live audience.

So while you are entitled to your opinion, in the future please spare me your duplicitous bullshit.

"I don't care for it."

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A bit much?

Let's talk about magic trailers for a bit shall we?

I just watched one for a self bending screwdriver. Yes you read that correctly.

The prop itself is fine but the trailer... it's a bit... like a Sylvester Stallone movie about arm wrestling. I can appreciate good film technique but sometimes you have to reign it in for the prop you are shilling. (I know, I know this coming from the guy with an epic demo for an Oreo cookie trick. That wasn't my choice or idea. Trust me.)

If this was a clip to sell a movie, that would be different but things like this alone don't show a real world application... possibly because there isn't one? I dunno. You wan to give me a trick that's handy? See if you thought the same thing I did when he smashed the phone. "It would be a better trick if he could fix the cracked screen on that thing. That would be useful".

Also, thankfully, they didn't use that guys real voice to narrate. Anyone who is familiar with their other products knows what I mean.

I understand creating art and an interesting demo to sell something. I really do. However, you need to know your audience. While there are people who like that kinda thing, it's not what will usually sell to the people with money. (Of course if you just sell directly to Murphy's then who cares right?)

If only they would have had the guy get dosed...

Monday, January 05, 2015

I feel your pain...

It's ok Penguin Magic. We're sorry you are making people watch Dynamo too.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

(insert Nike symbol here)

A big secret to being considered 'creative" is to just DO IT!

Make that thing, paint that trick, perform that routine. It's easier than you think to just alter something slightly enuff to make it different from the rest.

So stop being a lazy fuck and hop to!

Friday, November 28, 2014

The power to control the world is in which finger?

Sometimes you have to forget that which you know... or think you know.

For us the moment of magic is when we do the move. (or when we see someone else do something sneaky) For the audience the magic happens when we say it does. We can feel so guilty when we are holding nothing waiting for it to vanish. Being a powerful wizard sometimes means taking chances and just letting go of what you are privy to.

It's a hard lesson to be learned but be brave and you will find the audience isn't looking as closely as you might think they are. 

Fortune favors the bold...

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Oh right... contest...

Sorry it took a bit. I hath been distracted by many things.

Regardless, we here at Bizzaro By Design have decreed this the winning image:

So whoever put this one in the comments email me your address and I will send you an advance copy of the brand new DVD we are putting out that no one else has yet!

(I'm a little disappointed that no one went with a fellatio joke but it's probably good that my readers are classier than I would be in this situation.)

Be sure to check around the first of November for the official release of the 1 Trick Pony EP.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Deprecating in value...

This should seem obvious to most but I started to realize it's not, especially in the younger performers of today.

Learn proper self-deprecating humor.

No one seems to have ever given the advice that self-deprecation should apply to your personal faults NOT how much you suck at something. If you think self-deprecating humor involves making fun of how un-skilled or your lack of talent is, then you need to STOP. You diminish not only your work but the work of others who actually try to be good.

However, if you wear glasses and are blind, harp on that. Does your fashion sense denote your mother dressed you for school? Go to town on it. Are you bad at math? Make that funny. This is proper self-deprecation. Not that you suck at magic, or juggling, or whatever.

People want to see someone be proficient at their craft. If you are using the "I suck at this" gambit as a premise so when you do something really skilled it surprises people that's different but find more subtle ways to get that across than outright saying it. (However going that route takes more skill in some ways than learning sleights so tread carefully)

So even if you do suck and the whole world knows it don't point it out. You'd be surprised who you can fool.

Never let em' see you sweat.