Saturday, June 02, 2018

Clearly Improbable..

Dear Magicians,

Slapping the word "Omni" on something clear is not clever nor does it make the idea good. (also I doubt you have permission or give proper credit to the originator of that term/ idea)

Please be more creative.


The Mngmnt.

Monday, May 07, 2018

Too much, too soon...

Today I was having a conversation about magic and why there is so much turmoil and infighting in the magic community at large. Be it the internet, conventions, or even your local magic club there is always people butting heads over this or that. The reason is an interesting one.

You see, the best thing about magic might also be the worst thing about magic... it's diversity.

There are so many options, so many ways to look at and perform magic. There are so many  branches magic can take and that means that many more opinions about it. Couple that with the damaged personalities that magic attracts and you end up with a lot of beef.

It's usually on the Magic Cafe

Vernon vs. Marlo, gimmicks vs. pure sleight of hand, stage vs parlour... it never ends. Add to that the fact that humans feel the need to have a winner in an argument and you get turmoil. Sometimes everyone just has an opinion and there is no winner. The problem is there are a lot of "experts" who would gladly tell you otherwise.

In the end we should celebrate our differences and diversity not punch down on it. Will it happen? Hell no. However, you can try to help not fan the flames if you can help it. Help others where you can but leave your bias and agenda at the door.

Good luck.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Let's talk about death shall we?

Magic has been hit hard the last few years. We lost a slew of people in the industry including Tom Mullica, Eugene Burger, and today Harry Anderson (Spoiler Alert).

Here is my thoughts on today's news. For those wondering, I did not start wearing a fedora because of Harry. I was doing it before I even knew he wore one. My introduction to him was from Night Court. I never saw him do much magic til' later. (aside from what he did on TV)

When I was in 7th grade I bought his version of needle through arm and performed it. (My parents were hippies and pretty open minded) Flash forward MANY years later, I got to meet and hang out with him at his magic shop in New Orleans. He was pleasant and put up with us just hovering around when not street performing. I have heard various stories from he was great to he was terrible and a bit in between. One thing I know for sure is he was a sharp guy who had some great ideas, was an excellent performer, and had the fucking WORK on magic square. (I hate magic square but I can admit when it's good)

Do yourself a favor and get his Penguin Magic lecture and watch it. It's a lot of stories and some good thoughts on tricks.

There was no one else like him was there?

Now in a more general sense, we are losing our legends and no one is stepping up to take their place. Magic as a performance art is slowly taking it in the neck from all of these youtube kids. They can do great tricks, but can't entertain an audience and i wonder what will become of the art form when those guys fall away to get real jobs. The world does not embrace the unique or talented like it used to so it's not being fostered. What are we going to say in 20 years? "Man remember that one guy who had all of those Youtube hits? Wasn't he great?"

The answer is no... no we won't.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Door to the mind...

This should be app lied to more magic efefcts on the market...

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Oh bugger...

When I watch a video like this all I see is a bunch of kids who are gonna have to get real jobs one day...

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Cradle to the grave...

For those who have been reading this for the last couple years you have seen me post up videos by a channel called "Every Frame a Painting".

Well that channel has finally reached it's crescendo and I wanted to mark it's passing with a post here. I feel it's related because of the reasons it started, the way they approached it and why they quit. It speaks to other branches of entertainment and how some of us might feel at any given time.

For those who are TL;DR people, let me just put a line from the essay here:

"For days and days, he keeps trying to draw this plane, but nothing meets his satisfaction. Eventually, he realizes that he’s spent too much time on it. So he hands the plane off to another animator, and he moves on to something else.

For me and for Tony, this clip is extremely reassuring. If Miyazaki — the world’s greatest living animator — can admit defeat after trying his best, then it’s okay for everyone else. If he can let go, then so can we."

Monday, December 04, 2017

To boldly not go away...

 Face it everyone. Internet magic is not going away.

It's time to stop bitching and embrace it. Instead of placing no value on it or talking down about it, let's help try to make it more palatable. Magic companies are still trying to sell this kind of magic like it's workable and practical. At some point they are going to have to create a new category. Right next to "Stage" and "Close-up" there needs to be a section titled "For Camera Only". You might think that sucks but it's more honest and at least you know what you are getting now. I'm looking at you Penguin and Murphy's.

It's not just the companies, it's the people releasing the magic as well. Be honest and upfront. If it only looks good from one angle at a particular time of day or only indoors in a dimly lit bar, let people know. Embrace your new genre and be a pioneer. Be the Steve Jobs of internet magic releases!

This will innovate magic... but only from this one angle.
There is a reason youth does not listen to age. If everyone "respected their elders" and didn't rebel against their "teachings" then we'd all still be churning butter and doing double undercuts. (one of those might be an extreme example)

So who will step up first? Will it be the magic companies or will it be the producers? A few have already dabbled in it and embraced this new concept. Sansminds released an effect and in the trailer specified it was best for their internet or promo video magic. If you are still one of the people clinging to the old ways you need to change with he times or hurry up and die. You're either in or in the way.

This in no way means I am endorsing NOT  releasing good practical real-world magic. We still need that for those who are brave enough to leave their house and want to make a living BUT it's time to acknowledge this is where we all stand and we must stand together.

Next time I will talk about people who expose magic on Youtube and the best places in the Las Vegas desert to bury their bodies.