Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So, you didn't believe me when I said dancing cane was dead hunh? You scoffed when I insisted that it had been adopted by ravers and hippies hunh? Well here is proof that even your grandfather can do it.

Yah and guess what? They are being marketed to the general public as a "Flow-wand". Dancing cane is over. It's done. Snap yours in half. Point the blame at whomever you wish.

Besides, they are all better at it than you are.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Nice to see something different from time to time....

Magicians don't exist....

Just got done watching the movie L'illusionniste. It's a cute but depressing little film especially if you are an entertainer. It shows the decline of the variety arts in the start of the 60's. Back when live theater had to vie for attention against rock bands and TV.

Struggling is nothing new to someone who wants to be an entertainer full time but as I tend to say... The only ones who fail in this business are the ones who give up.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our good friend Christopher Lyle, who you might remember from his cameo role in our PSA video, shared a story on the big green.

Tis' amusing.

PS: (Stole this from WMF) This is retarded.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Eat me/ Drink me

I believe that a lot of magic creators are not the best at performing their miracles. As someone who makes stuff I can attest that sometimes you get narrow minded about the one or two things it can do and you just kinda stop because it "works".

The reason I being this up is because I like magic with soda. Mostly canned drinks. So despite what Roland might think of him, Michal P. Lair has some clever stuff from time to time (And yes some of it isn't so much).

The first two things on that demo video I just linked to I like quite a lot. Very subtle and in the right situation can be very fooling. The rest... I'm not so sure about.

"In the right hands, that could be a miracle" - Roger Klaus to Steve Bedwell

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hey what's going on in France right now?

Monday, February 07, 2011

Dear magicians,

To those of you who think you can just get by on using animals and having money instead of cultivating talent...

Die in a fire.



Friday, February 04, 2011

Illusions of grandeur...

Looking at a photo of a "new-ish" illusion and I came to the realization that I think a good chunk of the public is over it.

I think magicians are, as usual, holding on to a tired concept for dear life in hopes it will bring them fame and fortune. All the while the rest of the world has moved on and left us in the dust. They want "reality", (or at least what they are spoon fed as reality), not big shiny boxes that take some suspension of disbelief on their part to make it work.

They want personalities to watch. They want to see stupid drama or interesting characters. People performing vivisection on themselves in some plywood prop just won't, pardon the pun, cut it anymore.

But I hear you clamoring, "Bizzaro you magnificent bastard, people still clap, ooh and ahh and even say they have no idea how it's done." Yah well most people don't know how a microwave works. You don't see them jumping to their feet when someone makes a pot pie do you? Getting a Pavlovian reaction from people and them actually enjoying it are two different things.

So sell those bulky boxes and spend that money on some acting classes or hire a director to make you more interesting. Still want to do illusions? Find a way around the box syndrome. Find a way to make YOU shine thru.

This... I command!