Friday, October 28, 2016

Let's define the terms...

This shit right here makes me mad.

These companies are allowing half wits with half baked ideas to get an ego about being inventors and then they start touting themselves as such and then pump out MORE magic bile into the world.

Let me get something straight here. Just because you come up with some piddly ass magic trick it does NOT make you a "creator". It makes you someone with an idea.

Also being a "creator" doesn't make you a magician. If you can't perform your own creations you are just someone who makes stuff.

In my opinion, a creator does their due diligence. They research, they perfect, they make something the best it can be. What companies like Murphys are perpetrating is if you come up with some terrible idea they can help make it "marketable" thus making them more of the creators and the person who comes to them a kind of figurehead. "We did all the work to make this not suck but because we can't just cut this idiot out of the loop we have to put his name on it".

I don't care if you don't agree with me or think I am way off base. I am just sick of our profession being choked with mediocre magic and fevered egos who think they are somebody because a bunch of pre-pubescent humans think they are hot shit.

Obviously this doesn't go for EVERYONE. Some people are prolific creators. (Not necessarily GOOD ones) However in magic everyone wants to be on par with the people who have achieved legit "fame" for making something and magic companies keep enabling this to happen.

The urge to create is deep in our core and I understand that, but too many are creating for the wrong reason: money. If you create for yourself and your audience, the money will come but if you forgo those first steps you are going about it the wrong way.

There's enough terrible magic out there. We don't need sponsored posts on message boards encouraging more greed and terrible tricks.

Thanks Obama...

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Avante Card...

Some magicians create magic for magicians. some create for the real world, and a few, create magic that skips madly between the two.

However, one trap I see a lot of guys falling into is trying to put some deep meaningful slant on card tricks. The problem is they aren't writers so their "script" comes off fake, forced, and flamingos (Sorry I needed a third word for the alliteration).

Non-magicians barely give a shit about magic as it is so hitting them with some heavy patter while doing a card trick can fall very flat. In a theater show it's usually fine. Hell some people have made a whole career out of it at this point. However, if you are going to hold people hostage in a strolling situation, you might want to leave the artsy shit at home. Least you find them watching your autistic artistic presentation like this...

 "Why is he talking about snow? It's a card trick..."

I'm not saying DON'T try to be artistic and creative and deep and alla that, just choose your battles. Don't make your script the default for EVERY situation. Read the room. If you're at a bar, chances are they don't want to hear your philosophy on how card tricks give you the chance to "ask questions".

It's not therapy, it's a card trick.

Monday, October 03, 2016

The struggle is real....

Normally on this journal I try to give performing advice or rant about various things that make me mad. However, from time to time I like to offer up tips on things like music or promo photos.

The longer you perform, the more things you pick up. Some of them are noticeable, while others remain hidden in the shadows.. and by shadows I mean your pants.

If you perform in a dress shirt and at any time put your hands up over your head (or anything even close to it) your shirt can come a tad untucked and stay that way.

 Exhibit A

At the very least, it can make you look disheveled. At the worst, it looks like hell in still photos. If you ever get the chance, (and I suggest you make the time when you can), talk to some of the old school pros we still have left. They all have their little tips and tricks for keeping yourself looking top notch on stage. 

It's a little thing called "Shirt Stays" and they totally do what they say on the package. When you first put them on, it might feel a little goofy at first but it's worth it. Not only does it keep your shirt tucked in, but it also keeps it from wrinkling up from normal wear.

Nice and straight. The shirt at least...

So if this kind of stuff is important to you, then you should look into it. You'll be glad you did.

 If not...

This could be you.