Friday, July 29, 2005

So do I have any advice for people who wanna do magic as a living? Yes... and it's not even my advice. (What a shock.) Technically, it's everyone's advice. Those who have been there, done that. When you get a chance to, read the "In their own words" interviews in MAGIC magazine. I'm serious. No but really.

It's professionals telling you what THEY had to go thru to get where they are now. Learn, laugh, and realize that it's not just you going thru tough times. Tom Mullica had to couch surf a LOT, Mark Kornhauser worked MALE strip clubs. If you have what it takes you will succeed... if you never give up.

Want advice? Don't ask people online. Try reading.


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Here is another lesson brought to you by Bizzaro...


Reminders that you are alive and well and still manipulating people's minds is one of our best tools. To be a presence you must be present.

With that in mind, new footage from a recent show can be seen here!!

Lesson over.


Sunday, July 24, 2005

To: Magicians of the world
From: Bizzaro. The Optical Illusionist

Dear Fellow Magi,

For the love of all sorts of gods everywhere, please stop describing your show with so many adjectives it makes the hype sound like you are compensating for something. Phrases like "edge-of-your-seat amazement" and "taking the world by storm" are over used and trite. I understand you have to hype up your show but let them make up their mind before you say, "You'll love every minute of it!!". Try being a little more honest and focus on what matters... you. It's not the magic it's what YOU can bring to the venue.

Also, while I am thinking about it, stop putting "Magic for All Occasions" on your business cards. I don't think and Amish Barn Raising needs a magician.. but I could be wrong. Pick a path and GO WITH IT!!!

And for fuk's sake, stop signing your letters "magically Yours".

Magically Yours,


Friday, July 22, 2005

what IS it with people charging silly amounts of cash for tricks with ties!!?

Just thought I would ask...


Thursday, July 21, 2005

Revenge of the Asshat...

You know the saying, "You Can't Please all of the People all of the Time"? ("And last night all of those people were at my show" - Mitch Hedberg) Well in magic that saying can really hit home. Some people just will NOT dig your act.. or get it. (Good pal Dan Sylvester wrestles with this constantly. Some people just don't get it. I personally think it's genius.) This is why as entertainers, we need to be more like theme parks... SOMETHING FOR THE WHOLE FAMBLY!!

I recently did an open mic gong show mock up for fun. There were three judges, two females, one male. I had 4 minutes so I decided to do my fire act. (Flame from the zipper, etc.) In the end the two lowest scores were a 5 and the highest was an 8. The two fives came from the gals. This put my show into perspective a bit. Females I think, on a whole, don't dig on fire as much as guys. Now I know that is kind of a generalization but it's like the three stooges. SOME girls like them, but it's mostly dudes who dig them.

If I had done one of my comedy acts I probably would have scored higher. What's my point? I'm glad you didn't ask. A show should have something that can appeal to everyone. In this case comedy and magic for the ladies, fire and slapstick for the guys, and kids (Or drunks, same thing) like it all.

This I think is one of the factors that hurts David Blaine, The Ass Hat. His shows offer little humor aside from the small amount of amusement we get watching him fool some inner city youth. Chuckling to ourselves, "Huh huh he fooled them good and they act like retards huh huh." Yah thaz about it. Even Copperfield in all of his Jewish glory finds time to be funny now and again. (Generally more amusing in his live shows than TV.) It seems even Criss Angel is falling prey to this on his new TV show. Only going for the creepy factor which not everyone will go for. If you are gonna be on TV, you should at least try to be marketable to a wide range of interests. There is indeed a market for everything, but the people who have been the best at it, are indeed a good time had by all. (On the upside with Criss being on TV there might be more of a call for people who do "Weirder" magic.)

So am I saying you HAVE to try TRY and be funny? No. Just pay attention to your crowds, see what works best. Try and have something for everyone. Humor, magic, movement, and for the ADD kids.. something shiny.


Friday, July 15, 2005

You Realize this is a Set-up right?

I was reading thru some of Michael Close's writings from his workers books and boy that man sure thinks a lot about magic... which is good. Someone needs to. In one of them he talks about assumptions people make ahead of time about magicians. One of them is that there is no WAY a person would go out of their way to make a prop so convoluted JUST to entertain someone... which is TOTALLY wrong.

I cannot tell you how many hours I have personally spent hot gluing odd things together to make a trick seem "impromptu" or modifying a "normal" prop. This post is about such a trick. I saw this performed by the late Johnny Brown here in TX. It's not his, and it's not hard to find, but the effect is killer and hardly ANYONE does it today. (Which is true of most old effects and books. Vito Lupo made a career off of the stuff out of the Tarbell series. Well that and he's a good performer.)

This fooled the hell out of me in my younger years, and the effect is thus. A fully inspected glass is placed into a fully inspected coat jacket pocket. Then four (yes fully inspected) coins are placed one at a time in the hand. They vanish and heard to AUDIBLY fall into the glass on the other side of the body. There is no help from the other hand and they are both shown fairly empty after each vanish.

This is a coin classic (or was anyway) and I'd like to see some people doing it again. Sadly I cannot as I hardly wear a suit jacket EVER. Now this trick oddly enuff uses a gimmick. It also looks like real magic and total skill. I will not divulge the set-up or where to find it. I want people to do it but not EVERYONE!

This is just one of those effects that while no one would suspect we as performers would go thru so much trouble.. but we do. Prime example, and pure impact. You want beautiful magic that blows people away, get yer lazy ass off the internet and quit looking for the newest thing from Ellusionist and Penguin magic. Try reading some coin books from TX.

We have much to learn from our past.


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Ok just saw an ad for a new effect coming out and was amused by something in the description...

"...have the spectator use a magnet to search the test area for other magnets or threads."

thaz all.