Monday, April 30, 2007

This one goes out to Nena...

Alain Nu found out I am one of those filthy online "magic bloggers" (Mainly cuz' I told him) He replied, "Write something nice about me." Now I know he was mostly kidding. Lucky for him I have nothing bad to say. Lemme weave you a story.

Many many ago back in Austin, TX, TAOM was going on. They had brought in some heavy hitters. One of the nights of shows was Mystery School guys. (Of McBride Fame) Now Alain Nu is known for his mental feats and mindboggling metal bending and flatware mutilation. VEry few have probably ever seen his stage act. An almost surrealist piece that involves mime and a red balloon. Defintely worth seeing.

He has a brilliant effect with a post it note that appeared in the February 2004 issue of MAGIC (Go here and scroll down to Josh Jay performing the effect.) Also if you happen to have seen On the Road with Asher and Wilson you probably saw him do his mock Thumb Tip Routine which is also quite brilliant.

He has been all over TV and media and whatnot... and yet he still is gracious enuff to return my Myspace messages when he can. Nice guy and one day I'll treat him to some ice cream.

I wonder what he'd do for a Klondike Bar?


Friday, April 27, 2007

Watch this...

I present to you Exhibit A in my essay on "Shit That Magicians Do That Make Me Wanna Kill".

Ok so first off, some magicians should stick to what they are good at. In Steinmeyer's case, inventing and writing. Much like John Kennedy, he is a good creator of magical stuff... not so much demonstrating it. That aside, lemme point something out - That damn bag.

It has weight to it. If you have ever handled a lunch sack in school or made lunches for yer kids you can tell the difference between empty and not so empty sacks. So my questions is, Why not find someway to make the bag look very lightweight? Sure it's not a glaring obviousness, but it's a subconscious thing that sets off people WTF Meter. (Patent Pending)

This is not the only instance this kinda thing annoys me. Have you EVER seen a version of the Vanishing Bandanna where the Devil's Hank at the end looks empty? Looks more like a large squished banana inside a square of badly stitched fabric. Magic is full of little things like this. I am a big believer in the little details. IF they're there you don't notice, but if they weren't there you would.

So yah, a lightbulb jumps around. Big whoop. The bag changing places with the lightulb.. cool. Bag in lightbulb.. not too bad. Reason for doing it? No fackin' clue. Hey it's the Magic Hostel. The people who go there are usually so inebriated they'll clap for anything. (and I'm not just saying that cuz' they won't hire me. I've been there and seen it with my third eye. Eee Ee Eee Ee)

I like all magic... but I will find flaws in most of it. Even my own.

Especially my own.


Friday, April 13, 2007

Watched the Art of Astonishment: Vol 1 DVD earlier. I want to say the teo coolest things I got from that was the Un-shuffling Rebecca routine and the foil/coin trick. (Sneeeeky) Paul Harris' stuff can be very hit or miss and sifting thru his books can be a VERY mind numbing task. I liked the DVD cuz' it grabbed a lot of the weird/visual/magical effects he has had without going overboard. (Tho' the staged people recounting the tricks to themselves thing I thought was time that would have been better spent putting in one or two more effects.. but whatever. Not my DVD. That's over here.)

Now many people know Paul Harris' as the roving, barefoot, hippy, kung-fu the legend continues kinda magician. However, from things I have heard he is making BANK designing theme park stuff. Who knows. I DO know he has made a habit of slapping his name on other people's stuff to help them get their effects out there. I like that idea and don't at the same time.

Ok so quiz time: What phrase do Kevin Parker, Daniel Garcia, Wayne Houchin, and Greg Rostami all have in common? Click Here to find out.

Tell me I'm lying?


Monday, April 09, 2007

Let's do a DVD review!!

Andrew Mayne has found himself a nice little niche in the magic world by offering up inexpensive (And sometimes under-developed) magical ideas. His latest bit of merchandise, entitled Maynia, has 5 effects on it. I recently got the chance to see it, so here are my thoughts.

Popfist - First off, do yourself a favor and don't Google that phrase. You WON'T magic. My only problem with this effect is that anyone who isn't a Jehovah's witness will know exactly what you used to make little crappy paper streamers come from your fist. Essentially, he is playing up the point that the loud noise created will get people's attention. Mind you, doing that in a family restaurant might cause trouble... or some old person's ticker to stop. Be careful with this one.

Death Finger - Card stab with your finger. If you can't figure out your own method for this, then study magic a bit more. Not a new idea, but they needed filler I guess.

Finger Saw - This effect is an extension of a trick Lee Asher has on his site (or did have, it's been a while and I am too lazy to go look). So, as usual stepping on the shoulders of giants. IT happens.

Stab'd - With the ridiculous trend of the, "Look at me no stab myself with a pointy thing" effect in magic, this offering is one on the cheap. A bit hokey but can almost be done impromptu. (Which is the one strong point of the effects on this DVD) I can't say too much bad about this... but also not much good about it. It's just what it is.. and looks like.

Drawn From the Light - This is my fave and really the only reason I watched this video in the first place. I like the idea of making a drawing of a light bulb light up on a pad of paper. The way to accomplish it is not bad either. Personally I would get a light that matches the yellow glow of the magic light bulb he uses, but whatever.

So as the saying goes, If you can get one good, usable effect from a (Insert form of media here), then it was worth the money. (A good phrase to remember when you realized how much you paid for some items.) My only problem is, for someone who is supposed to be a film guy, he can't seem to make his video's look very professionally done. Sure, there are some shiny graffics and whatnot, but.. the backgrounds could be a little less... jiggered.

Whatever that means...


Sunday, April 08, 2007

NO one is safe!!!


Saturday, April 07, 2007

The way this website lists This DVD's title sounds like something Bob Markwood got arrested for back in the 90's.

That's all.

No wait, that's not all!! So I suppose a few of you know by now, but I was gonna wait till' someone said something... but no one has. (Figures) Ignore the weirdo, maybe he'll go away... naaaaaah. I have been writing a rant column in the new Street Magic Mag that came out last month. Has anyone seen it? I can't find one in TX! It's a lot like this journal without the advice. I dislike most magicians and I'm not afraid to tell the world. Just remember - When you try to live in a higher strata you eventually piss on someone in the lower strata.

We're still here you fuckers.

Watch yer ass.


(Been reading too much Transmetropolitan lately I think.)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

It's coming...

can you feel it?

Something round and shiny... and dangerous. That's right Helter Shelter: The Movie is in the post production stages and we hope to have it out soon. How soon? No idea honestly. When doing an indie project, you generally do it alone and work on it when you have time and aren't doing shows or making giant evil rabbit costumes.

Anyway, to keep you abreast (heh heh breasts) of what's going down we have a Site to get info from for all you curious types. Go by and see the teaser and stay tuned for more info.

Until next time...