Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Magic quote of the day.. transleated from German.

"At what are you surprised really still?
As easy it is to lead the human understanding mad."

I'll explain later.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Welcome to another "we don't know why it's a holiday" day. Today's post is not about love or anything like that. Just a mere musing as to who the HELL carries around insects to do magic with on a daily basis (Andrew Goldenhersh aside of course)

So yer paying almost 100$ for... a packet of ladybug seeds? I dunno. It seems like a neet idea but fairly impractical. Not one of those "Hey do that blood bug trick for my friend" and you're always ready to go. Impromptu? Hardly. Amusing? Probably.

Tho' the alternate blood to heart thing strikes me as amusing...

and is as close to Valentines day this post is gonna get.


PS: It seems my paradeI submitted to the Linking Ring got published. Read it. It contains magical yummyness.