Thursday, November 23, 2017

Listen here fancypants...

We live in a weird climate currently. People are getting more "sensitive" each year and it's getting harder for an adult entertainer to do their job. I understand you need to change with the times but the problem I have is when this sensitivity bleeds over from places it has no business even being part of the discussion.

If you are a gospel/birthday party/family entertainer that ONLY does that style of magic then you need to stay the fuck out of the business of others who work comedy clubs/adult parties/nightclubs/bars/strip clubs/etc. Don't go around saying "I think this trick or style of joke is crass and over the line and blah blah blah". Many of these things you dislike are for an ADULT audience. Such as comedy clubs where the people who go expect a little different level of humor than your shitty hippity hop rabbits routine.

Those guys whose material you bash don't walk around telling you how to not get caught touching kids with your "wand" so don't go around being all high and mighty about what you don't like. The magic world doesn't revolve around you. If it comes up in conversation, then you can talk about and say you don't like it. Until then, keep your yap shut and stop filling the internet up with your "the entertainment world revolves around me" bullshit.

Happy Holidays.