Sunday, February 24, 2013

Words of wisdom...

My friend Dwayne Andrew just posted this on his facebook:

"If I could actually pass a solid ring through another by suspending the laws of physics, I wouldn't start by showing that it can't be done. Just clanging them together does not prove they are solid. It just shows that you lack imagination and skill."

This falls under the same heading as "beating Houdini's record" with a strait jacket or any other stock presentation of an effect really. 

We have a bad habit of monkey see, monkey do in magic. If it works for them, it should work for us right? That's how they do it so that's how it must be done. WRONG!

Want to be more creative? Then NEVER do the same presentation as ANYONE else... no matter how good it is. Just keep going until you find your groove. It's easier than you think and more gratifying than being a clone of the rest of the magic world.

Be your own man... or woman.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Auto-erotic Prestidigitation...

Over the last year I have been delving deeper into the sweaty crevices that are the magic product market. Let me tell you this... I am not impressed.

While navigating various magic websites I realized that there is just too much magic in our blood stream and it's CHOKING US TO DEATH!

There is so much crap to wade thru that it's hard for someone to make anything that resembles an informed decision about what is good, bad, or right for them. Inundated every damn day with so much new useless magic.

"We have so many choices for so many tastes now" I hear you exclaim. That's all well and good but it still doesn't change the fact that so much good magic gets wiped out by so much bad magic. Oh sure a solid effect pushed by the right company will stay in the limelight for some time but so will some very bad magic. It's the bad that will let the stuff that is solid, workable and practical get glossed over. Much like beautiful artwork getting painted over with a coat of whitewash in the name of "progress". I for one am sick of it and no longer want any part of it. If you want me I will be over here in my own little corner playing with my (sponge) balls.

You'll know where to find me...

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Like an Ani DiFranco song...

Sitting in an airport, thought I would whore myself out a bit. An old idea is finally a new product.

Here is the original version...