Saturday, July 14, 2018


And once again we send American competitors into an international competition unprepared...

Thursday, July 05, 2018

Accidents happen...

Today I was driving and thinking about how some of the best art is not usually intentional. Those who set out to create something that is marketable and interesting usually comes off forced. A lot of brilliance just kind of... happens.

Totally intentional I am sure...
Of course one man's art is another man's dismissal but that is the beauty of it all. It's subjective. Mind you there is a lot of universally accepted great things that have been created but NOTHING has 100% mass appeal.

This applies to magic as well. You can set out to make a new routine or magic piece but by the end it has likely become something else than how it started. It evolves through performance and practice (or at the very least should). This is where sticking to a script someone else wrote can be the death of a magical effect. It needs to evolve naturally. If you do it like everyone else, it stagnates. You are quite literally killing it and yourself by not feeding it new random life. It's like a tamagotchi. It needs nourishment.

Clearly it was fed too many cups and balls

So remember that a lot of great art is unintentional and unplanned. Inspiration comes from everywhere and you never know when or where it will strike.

It's like being mugged by a muse.