Friday, December 24, 2004

When I get off of an internet connection that isn't slower than a hamster ina wheel I will post my review of the movie SHADE which I FINALLY saw. Until then happy etc etc...


Thursday, December 16, 2004

So no one knows the answer to my quiz hunh? Thaz too bad.. well either that or no one cares. Ah well. Watched "A White Christmas" on the big screen. You know... Danny Kaye, Bing Crosby, some hot 1954 gals, and lavish outfits. Watching that I realized there will never be movies like this made again cuz' thaz not the style today. The only time we see choreography, lavish costumes, and people in tuxedoes is.. well magic illusion shows.

I have always said that magis is usually a decade or so behind the times and watching that drove that point home like a drunken River Phoenix. It is hard for magicians to keep up cuz' they either immerse themselves too much or not at all. It's either tuxedoes or they go so basic they look like homeless kids.

We don't have the kinda performers we used to. People like Mr. Crosby and Dean Martin, and all of the old classics had style, panache, and charisma. They knew how to dress and live and didn't really try to hide it. They were performers. They know how to relate to their audience. They danced, they sang, they were musically inclined. We don't have people in the limelight like that much anymore. Too many one trick ponies. I blame American Idol.

I have been saying in this thing for at least a year that you should always be yourself. This is gonna be no exception. Be an original... and for the love of god dress nice.


Monday, December 13, 2004

Well here it is a year later and what do we have to show for it? A lot of the same old stuff really. So since I am two days late (I had no net access bite me) and as a celebation.. er.. celebration of this blog's mission to amuse and educate I have a contest. The last one went over so damn well I figure this one outta garner at LEAST 2 or three replies.

In the recent indie booklet I released documenting the Bizzaro Flip and Fan Control I priced the book at a very odd $13.80. Tell me what the significance of that price is and you shall receive a FREE .pdf copy of the book itself. (This way you'll get it quicker. We've had hell with the printing people in Dallas.) So email away and you too could already be a winner!!!

In retrospect I want to thank everyone who might have read this site thus far. I'm not doing it for notoriety nor attention. I could care less what you think of my views but I'll be damned if they are not mine. Hope you've enjoyed thus far and let's see how far this will go.


Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Last time I talked about how the blog technology has caught up to magic. (or vice versa. Who sez magicians are behind the times? All it takes is one person to get a good idea and bammo!!! Everyone has one.) Well the newest addition to magic is >Dun dun dunnnnnn< Piracy!!

Avast ye scurvey prestidigitators. Prepare to be mother boarded!!! Thaz right videos, manuscripts, and whatnot are appearing on certain search engine programs. Now I won't say magic is full of unscrupulous mofos.. but it is. Usually little 14 year old wankers who think it's kool or funny to do so. Personally I see only one upside. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!!

I like to know what I am getting into. Why buy a car without testing it out? Why buy a magic trick you only read the descrition for or only hear the hype. Poor judgement on yer part. I like to hear a few songs off an album then buy it if I like it honestly. (Even if the band themselves get squat from their album sales.) It's nice to see a few tidbits from a video or book and if I like them I will buy them in hard copy... or I can read it outright if I think the author is a complete tard.

Now I do not condone this. I wouldn't do it. I might from time to time take advantage of it, but thaz my decision. Sure I am going to hell, or New Jersey, or whatever horrid place you can think of, but at least I will be appreciated there.

But seriously folks, welcome to the now. It's a downhill battle. Fight it, accept it, or ignore it. It's yer call. I'll stick to just making my own stuff and not watch someone else's crap.


(Stay tuned for the one year ann. post coming soon!!)

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Nope I am not dead I just haven't been online much. Not having net access will do that to you. However as previously stated it WILL make you more creative. I have got in a lot of practice, creation, and drawing doen in the last week. Regardless, here is my one little quick thought about all of the magic blogs popping up online as of late... are yah ready?

"No One Is Innocent."

Thaz right where it was once safe to go on a message board or banter back and forth flaming each other, people can now take these little nuggets of joy into a wider audience to show just how much of an ass you, them, or all parties involved are mental midgets.

Careful tho'. You better be willing to stand up for what you say cuz' one day, it can come back to nibble on yer bum something fierce.

The net has eyes....


(PS: Dec. 11th will be the year anniversary of my random updates and rantings. Sure I don't go around promoting this site. Mainly cuz' I don't care what you think. If I did I would turn comments on and if you REALLY got pissed off at me you can email me.. which no one has really ever done... of course with my most recent revelation you people really should think twice about emailing a known magic blogger. Reagrdless, maybe we'll do something special. Now if I could only get my products out to people in time. Here is a word to the wise. When dabbling in business, make sure you can do it all yer damn self.)