Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Wow two posts in a row. What are the odds? This week... pretty damn good I guess.

So what's this all about then? Tonight's episode is entitled "Too young for Mentalism" or "Get a haircut and get a real job". Recently in a few conversations at Knights o' sleights here in NOLA, it was commented that there is a large trend of younger lads getting into mentalism. Only problem with that (Only one?) is unless you are between the age of 30-something and DEATH then it's hard to be taken too terribly seriously. Some things are better with age... cheese, whine, and mind reading.

Now while people like Jay Sankey and Mr. Asshat have made mentalism very easy accessible to the youth, the problem is to actually pull it off you don't have to LOOK like Phil Goldstein but at least be closer to his age. If some clearasil pad needin' emo lookin' kid came up to me and tried to read my mind via a card trick I would know he bought it or it was just some dime store hooker... er.. trick.

Now if you look more the age of say well anyone in their 40's then I might just be a little more mystified. So while yer learning a center tear, glimpse, and how to use a shiner why not hone yer performing skills and save it for when you get sick of the card tricks.

By the way... don't call yerself a mentalist. Only we know what that means. Stick with mind reader, psychic, or lonely loser who obviously can't really predict the future or read minds or else they would have a better job.


Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Baby Lou tattoo

Wow an update, go figure. Being in New Orleans kinda distracts you. Also having to pay for net access kinda keeps you away from it. Regardless... riddle me this Copperfield. How far will you go for yer magic? I know a guy who actually has his fave card tattooed on his leg. Not only for style, obviously, but for a trick. (This effect falls under my theory of coincidence isn't magic. Now if the tat wasn't there first THEN was that might be magical.)

I mean this ink is big man. 3-4 inches tall. A number and a pip. Thaz dedication. (The fact he has a cute wife amazes us all.) This raises an interesting array of questions. First, does every damn magician have a fave card? If so, would YOU be willing to go under the knife, as it were, for yer art and affections. (or is that afflictions?)

I guess the only other thing that comes to mind is that if a girl sez she likes tattoos on guys would you be willing to show it off and expect them to go oh cool without the card trick? Having a a card drawn on yer body is a bit.. well.. dorky.. but as I always say magicians are indeed dorks. I mean fucking dorks. Seriously. We have to be. If we had a social life we would have jobs, cars, and better body modification ideas. (By the way I don't exclude myself from dorkdom. I have ever episode of Darkwing Duck on my computer and can name most of the first series of Transformers toys.. but at least I can get a date. Figure that one out.)

Being a misfit isn't so bad... but as Eric Mead has told many young magicians, "Learn to talk about something other than magic".

We are 138...


PS: My favorite card is the five of spades. Mind you I only have a duplicate of it in my wallet. I'm a big wuss. Sue me.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Tomorrow morn we head off to New Orleans for all of Jan until feb 8th (Fat Tuesday) to perform magic on the streets. Dunno how much net access I will have buuuuuuuut for those who want to keep up on the haps there I have started Nolamagic to keep alla youz guys updated.

I did this so as not to spam this journal and lose the point of magic rants. I'll still be here from time to time but the other one will be home for a while. BE well and for the love of whatever gawd you pray to, practice and stop sucking ok?