Thursday, April 24, 2014

Master of none...

So a few years ago an email came into my possession about one of my magic products. They had bought it off another website and apparently user error was not an option for why it "didn't work".

In the email this guy said something that just made me discount anything and everything he had said previous or after. He actually typed the phrase, "I am a master semi-pro".

Let that sink in just a bit before you read further.

I am actually glad he returned the item because I didn't want someone that stupid using my tricks and screwing them up. As I have mentioned in the past, a true master never says he is. If this post offends you, you might be one of the mouth breathing ass hats that should stop using magic to touch little kids and get a hobby that keeps you from interacting with other human beings.

I am really getting sick of people with more money than sense letting their wallet dictate their job title.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The illusion of giving a damn...

It's interesting to me what performers focus on and on the flip side neglect. "I bought this big box and made it look all shiny and nice but I need a cloth to hold in front of me... I know i will use this bed sheet"".

There is actually nothing wrong with using a bed sheet but at least frame it up a bit with some color on the sides to give it some definition and stand out a bit. All your props should look like you put some thought into them even if you didn't. This goes for costuming as well. It doesn't take much to make off the rack look like custom made. Something sparkly here, a little bias tape there and VIOLA, you look like a performer!

Sometimes when you stare too much at the big picture you miss the little details.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hearing Infection...

Yes I am still around. I have just been busy doing that whole performing thing.

I was watching a magic video on a random webpage and decided to delve into the comments (never has their been a more wretched hive of scum and villainy than internet video comments). One sentance caught my eye. It also struck a chord with me because this was said by a non-magician.

"How is it that magicians/illusionists always have the worst taste in music... ?"

Well? What's your excuses magicians? I have a few theories.

The major one is that magic is a decade behind most art forms because that is where our influences tend to come from. Most humans tend to stick with what they know and aren't terribly open to new things like modern music, technology, etc. throw the stubbornness of magic into the mix and well... you know.

Odd are the real reason is that most of you just have really shitty taste in music.