Thursday, November 22, 2018

Part of the problem?

I think if you are a female in magic and happen to be considered "attractive" there are a few things you should know.

If you become high profile you will become a target. Plain and simple. People will attack you for the way you look over what you can do. Humans are shitty that way. Don't let it shake you but also don't become famous if you can't handle it.

The second thing is you will be a role-model and you should be more aware of how you present yourself, especially in the age of "the internet is forever". The younger generation, male and female (and other), look to those they see in the media, social or otherwise. It's where they draw their inspiration from and if you are on TV or have a big social media following they are looking at you closely.

It is (or should be) your responsibility as a performer to be the example of how to do things right be that in skill or motivation. There is nothing wrong with being hot and showing off what yer mama gave you, but temper it with talent as well. If what you show is nothing but TnA there are those out there who will think that is all you need and voila', more shitty performers in the world trying harder to get by on their looks than cultivating a skill set.

There is nothing wrong with choosing to use your assets to your advantage. It's entertainment after all. People like their "celebrities" to be easy on the eyes. However, the novelty will eventually wear off and if you can't deliver in the talent portion of our show, you might just fade into obscurity (or become a judge on a shitty TV talent show).

This post brought to you by Ariana Grande.