Saturday, April 11, 2015

Tragic on all occasions...

I was reading a post on a magic FB group and someone was asking about what they should put on their business card so they didn't have a laundry list of stuff on it eating up all of the space. I was very surprised, and quite frankly concerned, about the amount of people who told him to put "Magic For All Occasions".

Now perhaps it's just the fact I have been in magic a long time and heard this from so many working guys, but don't ever... ever... EVER put that on your business card. Do you do magic for funerals? How about Amish barn raising or the occasional Bris? (Just because you actually would because you need the money doesn't count)

Most anyone who makes a living doing a specific thing is that you should specialize. You can charge more and it makes you seem more competent in that particular field. If you do happen to do multiple things, make separate business cards (that also goes for websites and other marketing materials)

Unless you leave a pile of cards randomly littered about your town, chances are you handed that person that card yourself. If they ask for your card or you are giving it out, they should KNOW what you do. Something as simple as "Magical Entertainer" works. If they want you for something they will call and ask. I know it just kills people to not flood someone with information so they don't miss out on a gig but if you're good and you focus on a few areas only, the money will come and more of it.

More is less...