Monday, October 23, 2006

Well it's been an odd couple of months here on tour. Thought I would take some time to regail you kids with some of my thoughts. Anyone seen the new Jet Li movie Fearless? Personally I have to be in the mood for Kung Fu movies. I wasn't the day we saw it. Twasn't bad tho'. There is a bit in the flick that I decided to equate to magic.. and thus it follows.

In the movie there is a fighting arena and Jet Li sez something to the effect of "When you are down there (On the ground) you are merely watching, but up here... it is life or death." That's very true of magic as well. When we watch it is no consequence, but when we are up on that stage we either live by the art or die by it. The term dying on stage holds water. If you stink on ice then you will kill your career, your audience, and your magic. You have to be the best you can be to live and flourish.

Hence another problem with street magic. You are on their level and therefore the threat level of failure is lessened. You want to impress me... try doing stage magic and becoming an engaging performer. Only then will I be impressed...

and want to kill you on the field of battle.


In other news: Can't Please Everybody.