Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A bit much?

Let's talk about magic trailers for a bit shall we?

I just watched one for a self bending screwdriver. Yes you read that correctly.

The prop itself is fine but the trailer... it's a bit... like a Sylvester Stallone movie about arm wrestling. I can appreciate good film technique but sometimes you have to reign it in for the prop you are shilling. (I know, I know this coming from the guy with an epic demo for an Oreo cookie trick. That wasn't my choice or idea. Trust me.)

If this was a clip to sell a movie, that would be different but things like this alone don't show a real world application... possibly because there isn't one? I dunno. You wan to give me a trick that's handy? See if you thought the same thing I did when he smashed the phone. "It would be a better trick if he could fix the cracked screen on that thing. That would be useful".

Also, thankfully, they didn't use that guys real voice to narrate. Anyone who is familiar with their other products knows what I mean.

I understand creating art and an interesting demo to sell something. I really do. However, you need to know your audience. While there are people who like that kinda thing, it's not what will usually sell to the people with money. (Of course if you just sell directly to Murphy's then who cares right?)

If only they would have had the guy get dosed...

Monday, January 05, 2015

I feel your pain...

It's ok Penguin Magic. We're sorry you are making people watch Dynamo too.