Monday, March 29, 2010

Why do some manip guys such a HUGE deal about vanishing one single tiny object like a coin or one card. They treat it like they just made the blind see.. and expect the same kind of reaction.



Sunday, March 28, 2010

A heart shaped box of springs and wires...

A friend and I were discussing an awesome effect he came up with where you steal the light from someone else's lamp and throw it back. The subject of using known technology to create magic came up and how amused we are that when you are known as a purveyor of the magical arts, people want to believe so badly in it and you, that the FURTHEST thing from their mind is technology.

I do an effect with my cell phone. People really trip out on it. Damn near everyone has a cell phone and all of the ones nowadays have a picture gallery. All of those galleries work relatively the same way. However, when they see a playing card plucked off the screen of a phone, all of the knowledge of how THEIR phone works goes right out of the window.

There are a handful of good iphone apps for magic, and despite the fact people KNOW that an iphone is an wholly advanced paperweight, they still don't go to it immediately as the reason behind the magic. It's baffling, but we can and will exploit this fact to our advantage. Cell phones, laptops, CD players, wireless this and that... it's all around us everyday. Some will use it to light their home or run their life. The rest of us evil bastards will use it to entertain others and make ourselves look like gods.

So the next time you sneer at something that is an obvious use of some known tech, think twice.

That wireless scanner might just have another use.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yes I still love you...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

*Puts on angry music*

I can't help but be amused and a bit annoyed when someone calls some staple trick that a buttload of other people perform their "Signature Illusion"

I don't care how good your dollhouse illusion is. It's still NOT YOURS!! Someone else invented it and plenty of others have done it before you. You want to call something yours, then create something UNIQUE! It's like those people who hear a song on the radio and say "This is my song". Really? Did you write it? Is it about you? NO!!

So before you say linking rings is your signature effect, why don't you see how many people are forging your signature on stage.

*Turns off music*


Saturday, March 13, 2010

We interrupt your regularly scheduled nothing with an update about why there has been so much nothing.

February was a crazy month with gigs and the kicking and the oy vey...

I have many thoughts going thru my noggin right now, but I am holding off on them for something special I will announce very soon. Until then, amuse yourself by jumping up and down on my Facebook page. (Yes I have one. I'm not proud of it.)

Stay tuned.