Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I'm not the only one...

This was sent to me by a fellow magi. At least somebody appreciates what I am doing.

"...the tuxedo wearing, bird molesting wand wavers. It seems any idiot that can shell out 20 bucks for an Abbotts catalog can become a "Magician" with little if any creativity at all. But the real pisser is they get all the paying gig's Why?.... cause the paying public don't know anything better is available, and some are just not willing to take a chance on something original and totally different.

I hate "Magicians" that perform a trick straight out of the box, some of these lazy bastards will actually use the patter included in the instructions! WTF!"

Hee hee Bird molesting wand wavers.

Case in point? How many different ways do we need to achieve "Levitation"? At 400$$ prolly one less. It's not a new idea just a unique application of a method. Not a bad one tho'.

Oh can we stop making promo videos stop sounding like rap music videos.

Personally if I am gonna blow cash on anything it'll be stuff like this. Alas tis' not a sharpie marker so I will never buy it.


Friday, September 09, 2005

Just a side note... seeing this whole Whit Haydn drama on the blogs and boards leads me to say this little thing. If you don't release the same shit over and over again to make a buck, this shit won't keep happening."

Some of these "pros" need to lighten up.

You know I try my damnedest to not make the journal about me personally.. however sometimes I must go off on some things. Today's subject.. The Magic Castle.

Now I must preface this with I am NOT bitter about the following information personally. Just in general about everything like this situation. Allow me to explain...

I personally dropped off my promo material about 3 years to the box of Ron Wilson. I emailed him about seeing it and his reply was "We regret to inform you we are not hiring this genre of act". Genre of act? WTF does that mean? You mean magic? They're not hiring magic acts at the magic castle. That must suck for the patrons.

Well not being one to give up, I have kept trying. Submitting new material, going thru different channels, etc. Well thru inside sources I have been informed that Ron Wilson is by far the WORST talent booker around and he's gonna stay there till' he DIES!! He doesn't look at the acts he hires, barely looks at promo stuff, and hires the same trite TV fed bullshit that they have been pushing on the populace for years!! Now mind you they DO book interesting acts from time to time. Some good, some enh.

Ok so I sent my stuff to Dale Hindman who didna bother to look at it I gather and sent it to John Lovick and Ron. Well Lovick is a new liaison at the Castle. Handsome Jack by his stage name as he is known to some. I got an email I wish I had saved that pretty much said "You got some good stuff, but we doubt you would fit the castle, etc etc." Ok thaz fyne with me. You LIKE the trite cups and balls, box and dove magicians there fyne. However, I was recently there and saw a performer who not only was waaay out there in a morbid sense but made borderline S&M jokes. It was like Crispin Glover doing Anthony Perkins doing magic. Don't get me wrong it was hilarious. The audience of drunks GOT IT.

So because my style is a little dark and on the edge but yet uses NOTHING profane, vulgar, OR bloody. People of all types have been proven to dig my show.. especially drunks. (The crowd at the castle later in the evening for sure.) Now I will NEVER give up. I am out to prove a point not only to the close minded people at the castle but everywhere. Just because an act is different doesn't make it any less entertaining than the normal BS out there. I will NOT let people stop the unique and artistic individuals trying to broaden peoples minds. We're out here people!! We're coming for you!! Yah can't stop us.. or me for that fact. I'll get you all.. and yer little dogs too!!

Why am I telling all of this to you people who read this? Mostly out of venting. See, when I sent emails to Ron and a reply to Lovick about how unfair I think they judge an act based on how different it is and not even GIVING it a chance I never received a "Whatever leave us alone" reply. I am Disgusted by people who do not reply back to emails in a business sense. Not even a fuk you buh-bye. So I post it here. In my own little world. I don't want to start drama and post it on the Genii boards. This isn't a pity party for Bizzaro. This is just venting and information. I don't care what anyone thinks, I just want to inform.

And issue a warning.. I'm not done yet. Lovick.. Wilson.. watch out.. I got a close up and parlor act too MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH!!!!

Pimp Ninja Jedi