Monday, July 31, 2006

So a local Magi has a cookout/pool party every year at his casa for any entertainers in the area... visiting or indigenous. (If you get the chance to see inebriated magicians perform DO IT!!)

Anywho, we were graced with the presence of Steve Bedwell and his lovely wife Krys. Nice people and VERY tolerant of our antics. For those who don't know who he is, shame on you. He put out a video many years ago (VHS if that tells you anything) that was called No M.D. Required. It has many great bits of business and some killer effects like "Re-Boxed". (worth the price of the tape alone)

He also released a few other effects and booklets such as "In over your head" (rope magic+paper balls over the head=hilarity) and "Thick Shtick" (Advice on thick cards and their praises.)

So in the spirit of pimping cool people, go to his website.

Also in a week's time Misty Lee dot com will have a face lift. Go Check it out then.

And what the hell... go to my site and buy some shit.


Friday, July 21, 2006

Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, yer cool, fuck you, I'm out!

Ok so we all know that magic websites whose ego is bigger than their resolve have a habit for banning people. Makes em' feel all high and mighty and feels like a warm hug from their mother.. not that they know what that feels like but regardless. A friend of mine all the way from Canadia was recently banned from Ellusionist. (You know the people responsible for the black tiger deck, a metric assload of card magic DVD's, and encouraging 14 year olds to spend their money on "Street magic" before they discover girls and spend all their money on that instead.)

Regardless, he was banned for something as simple as This... oh and this. Some people have no sense of humor. ACHTUNG!!!

In other news I recently found out that The Magic Soop Kitchen (Speaking of people who ban people for silly ass reasons) deleted a whole post about the Gay Games in Chicago. No reason has been given but my friend has a theory... and I quote, "I don't want them to think I like sucking dick.. I mean I do but I don't want them to think that. We better delete this post."

God forbid someone try to enlighten you goobers with something outside your comfort zone.

< /Rant >


Saturday, July 15, 2006

Let's talk about that photo shall we? This is something I believe strongly in and I am riding a fine line. (You know that line. The same one that Jarred guy from Subway rides every time he walks past a bakery.)

I had a few people ask me, "wouldn't it make more sense to be in front of a different background?" Kind of. Lemme esplain'... no not enuff time. Lemme sum up. (This sad moment brought to you by Mandy Patinkin.)

If I was to place a different background into that photo it would become a magic photo. I prefer it to be a funny picture. One of those things you look at and go hunh? Why not you ask? Simple. I don't do a trick where water shoots out of my hat.

And that right there kids is the point. I am strongly opposed to photos that represent you doing something you cannot and do not do in your shows. None of my promo photos are photoshopped to represent something I don't do. I see a photo of a magician holding in their hands their assistant's head and the body is sitting in a chair I know something is up. (I don't care if you do that Andre Cole Head Mover Illusion or not.)

This is just a rule I live by personally and hate to see others do. It looks hokey. Much like good digital effects in movies, image manipulation shouldn't be noticeable. (Believe it or not there was very little PS'ing with the above photo. Just some color correction and I moved the shower curtain over a bit. You should see what it originally looked like.) To paraphrase something Brian Brushwood once told me, "I have plenty of good magic. I wanted good theater." (In reference to his stigmata presentation.)

Me? I have plenty of magic photos. I just wanted a funny one.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

How I feel about some of the amateurs I have met or talked to...

I'm not really a jerk... I just don't like you.


Sunday, July 09, 2006

The sincerest form of flattery...

Watch this...

First I want to say that in a magic routine, it's the details that make all the difference. Watch his act. There are a few VERY subtle things he does that I personally have not seen anyone else do really. There is even a steal he does that blew right past me and watching it again makes me wonder... if someone is going to go thru the trouble to rip you off, why not study the little nuances that make their stuff work.

Even good counterfeiters and forgers study every little tiny detail. Why should magic be different. (Well aside from the legality of it all). First I don't recommend ripping off ANYONE's stuff. If yer gonna emulate someone's ideas tho', learn what makes then great.. and what makes you.. not.

Classics are that way for a reason kids...


Saturday, July 08, 2006

Criss Fishing Rod!!

Wow two posts in one day? I must be bored..

Ok so this is too funny to not put here. Ever taken say, song lyrics, translated them to korean and then BACK to english.. it sounds like crappy goth poetry (Redundant). However this is what google did to a translation of the write up for my book Helter Shelter. And I quote...

"Just in time for Halloween (2006), Bizzaro. To The Optical illusionist and Fire Cat of Studios bring you the roofridge resource book on the subject for one OF the most unusual classics OF magic around. The Razor Blade illusion Mystery. Performed by some OF the top names in magic look for as the Amazing Johnathan, Vito Lupo, and Criss fishing rod this is the roofridge time anyone has peered deep into the subject ton bring you to information on the various methods used tons accomplish this wonderful effect. Included inside acres discussions on the best places ton buy razor blades, what child OF fake blood ton procure, and the right child OF props ton use. Weighing in RK 36 pages, photo illustration, and A dozen different applications and methods for performing the Razor Blade illusion, this is A must have for anyone looking tons of ADDs something unique tons your act."

So from now on Criss Angel shall henceforth be known in this blog as Criss Fishing Rod. (If you think mine is funny the one for Zombie Re-Animated is just as good. Here is the page it's from and Here is the english version.

Ok folks as you were...


Friday, July 07, 2006

I miss the 80's....

No really. Back when everyone was so coked up you could get away with most variety entertainment acts no problem. Hell why do you think Carrot Top made it so far? (ok he's actually kinda funny but still) This is what talent in America has come to folks. Some of the stuff on the other videos are impressive but geezus. It's like that 30 seconds to fame debacle all over again. (Yes I was on that show... no I'm not proud of it either.)

Also can I ask you what the hell is up with some people's choice in music nowadays? Mind you in shows like that they make you use their music usually for copyright reasons (Blame ASCAP and BMI.. fuckers.) However most magic demos and show off vids are a lot of Limp Trisquit and equally annoying bands. I like a myriad of music but come on.. whatever happened to upbeat music? Does anyone even remember the 80's who is into magic nowadays? Most of the music was about partying, hookers, drugs, and having fun. How did we go from the Beatles singing, "I wanna hold your hand" to Trent Reznor wanting to "Fuck you like an animal". I fear for our future sometimes.

Could be worse. Could be burning us at the stake again...


Thursday, July 06, 2006

Ok so while we had some really good entries for the "What do two people have in common who had nothing in common" contest, the answer I was personally looking for did not get reached. (The answer for those who care is: They are both DEAD and still making money and having stuff released while they are 6 ft under!!). So to make up for this I have a back-up contest.

Out in Ohio I think someone has erected a supersized savior.

I want you to take this image and whatever photo manipulation program you have
and turn it into something funny.. like this..

It doesn't have to be magic related but it might garner bonus points if it is. Next week sometime whoever makes me laugh the most gets.. something.

So get to it!!


Monday, July 03, 2006

Odd stuff my friends say...

"I feel like I spend all my time hooking wires up to a computer and ya never know if the cords good or not"

What is she talking about? Well in her case it's about voice acting and making connections and whatnot. In this business it's tough too. Nowadays it's not what you can do, it's who you know. It's always been like that but now more than ever since the entertainment business is so easily accessible. Not just buying props but making websites, video, graphics, propaganda... all of it. There was a time when a slick promo kit meant something. Now with desktop publishing going on the cheap, anyone can make something look nice.

It's the price of progress. Scanners and printers and computers are affordable. Good Video and graphics software are still high end but thanx to the invention of file sharing anyone can get a hold of this stuff. Thanx to the internet people have instant access to learning tools and guides to use said programs. DVD and CD burners make it easy to make your own media quickly. We are truly an instant gratification society. (In more ways than one.)

Charlotte Pendragon once told me that most booking agents don't need or want a slick package anymore. Just a n 8x10, video, and maybe a resume and testimonials. Sometimes the problem with being too slick is you look suspect... and like everyone else. It's the world we live in and since we compete not only for attention span but we are up against special effects not dreamed of 50-100 years ago we have to be unique and relentless to be seen or heard.

Making a computer work is far easier if you ask me.


PS: I am gonna end the Dai/pac debate this wed. So get yer answers in now. If no winners I have a back up contest you can do.