Friday, February 25, 2005

Who am I to break a trend?

Many blogs spend a good amount of time linking to other websites they like or dislike and also give shout outs to others. So clear me some space on that bandwagon and let's have some fun shall we? First off is open. It even has that new website smell again.

I don't claim that my website is great and powerful or anything. Never have. Others like it and I am happy about that. Now let's look at say... This Guy. His site is slick and, as many magicians with more money than perceivable skill, is all flash. I have a problem with flash sites. First, on low end machines they lag. Sure they look pretty but some people go a tad nutty with it. Also many new browsers clamoring for yer attention, like Firefox, have nigh-impossible to install flash plugins. I have ONE flash object (Used to be a java applet and even LESS people can view those damn things) and it's small. Even 56k can download it quickly.

Many of these magic sites remind me of going to a goth club. I want to be an individual... so I am gonna dress like everyone else. Once someone has a good idea, then EVERYONE wants one. Marching to the beat of a different drummer... but thaz a hell of a crowd following that one drummer.

Ok enuff pessimism, as long as I have been online so has this gal's site Allison's Backstage. I started going to it in it's infant stages when it was on an angelfire site. (Yah so was mine. You can still find it's web address if you look hard enuff.) Over the years she has made it better, faster, stronger than before. Always very slick and well done. She used to have a place for magicians to post links but that went away. Hey for a Copperfield fan she is a damn good artist. So kudos to her and her sis. (You can even find one of her art pieces being used on my site if you look hard enuff)

So what have we learned tonight? If you insist on using flash and yer a magician... do it to Ronald McDonald. It's funnier.


(Why is the word blog not in the spell check database of a blog site? Someone explain this to me please!)

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Shameless self promotion time!!

Thaz right kids it's 2005 and that means a big change!! (Not just underwear either.) 2004 saw a brand new promo video, and 2005 brings about a brand new!!

This friday the home of demented magic gets a total facelift!! So stop by and see all the new shiny stuff and play with the toys. We'll leave a fire lit for yah.


Wednesday, February 16, 2005

It's that time again...

Time to make some people not like me again. (Redundant) First off I wanna say that I have been writing a lot in the journal over the last year and I try my best (save for a few pokes and jabs here and there) to stay off what many of the other magic blogs have fallen into. I of course speak of gossip and drama.

Now there is nothing wrong with other people reporting this. I personally think it's good to see that magic isn't just a bright shiny happy thing all the time. It's dirty and tarnished like everything else in the world. This blog was set up to discuss what I do or do not like about magic itself. I'll let others report on Ted Lassen or on how much of a bonehole Steve Brooks is.

Here you will find nothing but clean wholesome fambly fun.... as long as yer fambly is neurotic and dysfunctional.. but hey whose isn't? On with the show!!

First off I wanna talk about a few current events.. or more accurately current products. I have purchased two new marketed tricks. One was hyped beyond belief and was waaay too expensive for what it was. The other was mildly hyped and, while being a little bit of a "Well yah duh" the extra included bit is a grand idea.

The first one I won't mention by name by those in the know will know by the description I give. First off everyone and their dog talked up this effect. (As we all know the reliability of information on the magic cafe isn't always just that... with that being said...) It was said you could vanish, switch, appear, and damn near turn water to wine with these "Utility" devices. (Anytime something is called just as good as a thumb tip I get leery.. and I don't mean Dennis.)

Now many people speculated and it was said the objects you vanish do NOT have to be metal. Sure it helps and no they don't have to be buuuuuut.... there are limitations. First off the only way to do a deck switch is if the deck was in a card box and the only way to effectively switch coins is if it's Canadian currency. Ladies and gentlemen if you need something special to switch decks or vanish a coin please get the hell out of magic. Geez.

Mind you I got this device on X-mas and have been toying with it to give it a fair chance. To all of the people who thought this was a big "wow wished I thought of that first" you prolly have never cracked open a hard drive. I've been using this idea for a while as have many others.

Now the person who released this was known for saying you can vanish something and turn around and see nothing. Ending clean as it were. Well thaz a bit misleading. (From what I understand not an unusual practice.) Also the demo video, (Which was kinda poorly done froma video production guy standpoint), raised a great many questions and a few vauge answers. So regardless, not worth the money but hey now I can erase all of my roommate's pr0n videos.

Now since everyone loved that one and it was lackluster, the newest one that has drawn a lukewarm response is Steve Fearson's Self Vanish. (Find the link yourself you lazy bastahd.) Even tho' this new technique was cheap (also appeared in other literature as a way to vanish food) and an e-book type thing, there is another brainstorm included with the original. Definitely something to think about, especially if yer a stage performer. (Already working on ideas meself.)

However the idea has merit and CAN work to scare one person. Sure you read it and think, "Screw That!" but there are 1,000's of effects like that. However in the right hands it can be powerful. (Mike Close/ genii bottle anyone?) So for little money, don't bitch so much. You paid more for less elsewhere I guarantee.

I want to add that the fact I kinda know Mr. Fearson has NO bearing on my opinion on said release. My first thought was, "Oh come on!" but the second part is well worth it and with some thinking, so was the first part... but I do like his hat in the photos.

Ok well if you have read this far I guess you can contemplate this line from Star Wars. "Who is more foolish. The fool or the fool who follows the fool."

Just remember, don't believe everything you read cuz' 14% of all statistics are just made up anyway.


Sunday, February 13, 2005

Life is too short for ands and ifs...

That goes around for everything actually. However since this is a magic themed site let's stick to that. If you have dreams of your own show, stage, TV, cable access... whatever, then don't let anyone or anything stop you. If you have a fire burning inside of you to create art and the medium you have chosen is prestidigitation, then do not hesitiate. If it's your dream follow those dreams. Life is too short... and sometimes, it's shorter than you think.

There is more to magic than practice in front of a shiny reflective surface. There is testing, research, self promotion, education, patience, discipline. All of these things make up all of the world's best and most well known entertainers. You can never give up or let ANYONE tell you you cannot make it if you have that fire burning inside of you.

The only people who truly never make it are those who give up. (Or get killed, but thaz not as poetic).

Don't lose sight. It's there, just walk towards it. At your own pace.. and no one else's.


"It's your dream. What are you doing to make it a reality?"