Thursday, February 23, 2006

Just got this in my Junk Mail Folder...

"The introduction of Heineken Premium Light marks a groundbreaking moment in Heineken USA?s history and also the light beer landscape. To celebrate the arrival of this unique Luxury Light beer, Criss Angel has designed a death defying escape that will amaze and spellbound his audience.

Heineken USA is inviting domestic light beer drinkers to ?succumb to smooth? with the national launch of Heineken Premium Light. The Company has commissioned Criss Angel to introduce the brand to New Yorkers and to the country with a never-before-executed stunt that will capture the ?surprisingly smooth? essence of the brand and leave audiences amazed."

Now I assume the weird question marks are hotmail's doing. However I want to know why in a Criss Angel Newsletter they talk more about the smooth taste of a beer and not the magician. There is a word I am looking for but I'll be damned if I can think of what it is.. *Cough*SeLlOuT*cough* but hey nothing sez let's get drunk and do something stupid like magic.

If you ask me Heineken is just the red neck beer of Scandanavia.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A riddle within in a mystery wrapped in a tortilla with some cheese.

Hey it's time for some more kokeyed advice from your truly. A friend of mine and I had been discussing the difference between doing magic for magicians and for non-magi's. One of the major problems with some magicians especially the younger up-and coming ones is they get so into magic they immerse themselves in magic and magicians they forget what the real world thinks.

Real people don't give a damn about how clever your ace assembly is. Laypeople don't call it a coin trick or a rope trick. It's just magic to them. Mundanes won't judge you as a person if yer pass or double lift is shite. As a matter of fact you'd be hard pressed to find a time when someone is REALLY wanting to care about what your doing sometimes. If they are looking at your hands when you do a top change, pass, or whatnot then I have news for you.. it's not them... it's you.

Ahem.. regardless, doing magic for magicians, as my friend says, is a puzzle. Especially in ones in "the know". If you fool them they might enjoy it sure or appreciate it.. but they ARE trying to figure it out. They can't help it. It's the nature of things. Most real people want to figure it out but don't have the knowledge. Their assumptions are based on what little they DO know about magic where a magician HAS the knowledge to figure it out. (And hey possibly rip the idea off from you.)

Now there are a few real people out there that will try to explain everything away. Some CAN figure out puzzles really well and can see thru a lot of basic magic and sleights. There are even those who HATE to watch magic cuz' it makes them mad they can't figure it out. It's ok to let that happen. As a matter of fact if they do watch and you fool them then kudos to you. To fool a know-it-all or entertain an anti-magic is a good feeling. Yer gonna have to bone up on that social interaction thing tho'. Don't be a magician. Be a human. Learn to interact socially without magic. It comes in handy trust me.

Now magicians.. if you are doing standard fare or a store bought or classic effect yer best bet is to not fool them but entertain them. In many cases a lot of magicians will NOT show their original pet effects to other magi's as they do have a habit of stealing moves, handling, and patter. It's just the sad truth. Heck depending where you go some groups of magicians are negative as hell. They will tell (And show) you 10 different ways they already know that's better than that new idea yer working on. Don't listen to those guys. They are bitter hobbyists... usually.

So go ahead and create new tricks and moves that appeal only to magicians if that's yer thing. It helps the pros and ambitious in the long run.


Saturday, February 18, 2006

I feel it is generally my duty to post about certain new products when they are unusual and especially if they are overpriced. Now I am all for removing body parts but charging 70 bucks for a butcher knife and fake finger... thaz a tad silly doncha think. I am sure this is to keep it out of the hands of the "Curious" but how many people can you see doing this in the kids and church shows.

"Praise Jesus or his thugs might do THIS to you!! If you believe we can restore it like a leper! Pass the collection plate!!"

I'm not saying it's a bad idea.. I'm just sayin'.. that's all.


Monday, February 13, 2006

I just can't help myself...

Ever since I heard about this guy this is all I could think of...

Mind you there is a similarity I can't quite place...

If you don't get this joke.. then it's not for you.. and it's a shame you don't know your musical history.

Spook Club has me answering questions on their forum this week so if you ever had anything odd to ask me then head over and fire away. Be warned my repsonses can be wordy as I have a lot to say.


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Well congrats go to Glen in Canada. He won the Sleightgeek Razor Blade contest. He gets a free copy of my Helter Shelter book. Many thanx to Sam Blankenship and chris for having me on their radio show. Hope I didn't prattle on too terribly much.

Also just decided to patronize (I mean buy something not make fun of) the Fearson/Angelo Carbone Shirt Happens effect. It's amusing to be sure but a few of the appications I think would be a litle undesired for those of us out of shape furry types... however it has many other brilliant applications. Color change shirt to name one. The best part is the bonus access to a video on how to make a seance cloth for dirt frickin' cheap. This is one of those "Why didn't I think of that" moments. So for $6.95 it's worth raiding your paypal balance.

Now off to edit footage of a girl who can fit inside a suitcase. Toodles.