Monday, September 15, 2008

What you make of it...

First off, for those who only read this thru RSS, you miss out on the polls AND the new feature of pretty much showing how big a dork you are by reading my posts. So for those of you who eschew the main site, you might wanna pop in sometime.

So the other day I was looking at a Magic Maker's catalog from last year someone left under my couch. (I'm looking at you Aaron Stone) Many of you prolly know I am not a fan of teh Magic Maker's DVD products. You also know I am a big believer in the concept of "name recognition". While looking thru the catalog and seeing some of the guys who have put out MANY DVD's under their production it got me thinking... "It's nice to be know... but at what cost?"

If my face was plastered everywhere on shoddy merchandise, I would be known.. but not for what I wanted to be known for. It's like being a dove magician. Do I want them applauding for me... or at me. Personally, I'd rather be known for who I am...

not the company I keep.


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