Friday, April 10, 2009

A den of thieves...

Sometimes magicians can reeeeallly bug me. The fact that I have heard non-stop that one day, while I am not looking, laying in a prone position, someone is going to sneak up, club me mercilessly about the head and shoulders (And the pert plus) and steal one of my personal pet effects.

I don't mind hearing it, it's more the fact I know it's true. Magicians are some of the most unethical performing types on the planet. They will sit in on someone's show and take notes on every trick, joke, and move. Then, just because it worked for someone else, they feel it is the right duty, nay their RIGHT to do it themselves.

For those of you who read my trite little ramblings, let me tell you something. There is no skill in taking someone else's ideas and using them for your own ill gotten gains. The person whose effect you are knocking off, or routine you are stealing or whatever, has (more than likely) put in some serious research and development into making what you have so callously absconded with. In many cases some big time monetary investments, just so you can come along all willy nilly and make off with their life's work.

Now chew on that for a second. If you are one of these people, I would like you to realize how big a scumbag you are. Why? Because if someone did it to you, you are likely the type to throw a girly hissy fit on some message board and try to get sympathy for your silly ass. Karma is a bitch my friends. (Don't "believe" me? Take a look at a little plummeting project out here in Vegas that shall remain nameless... sorta.)

I have made it very well known that I have NO qualms about physically hurting someone who steals from me and I have a few friends who know how to break fingers and end careers. Sure that sounds a bit harsh, but if someone is gonna take from you, I think it might be ok to take a little something back. The unethical need to get a good dose of manners laid down upon their heads... and knees.

So wise up. If you can't get by on your own ideas, maybe you need a better one. Like 9-5 and the local Taco Hut. You are not fit for human consumption, so you might was well do somewhere that reflects you as a person. Do I sound mad? Perhaps. Am I? Not really. I just want to make a point while it's on my mind. Don't like it? Start yer own blog.

Please drive thru...


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