Friday, May 15, 2009


I have been holding off on this one for a while. Dunno why really. Guess I just had to be in the mood. That and I am listening to the new Green Day album (two songs I dig so far. Someone listened to a lot of The Beatles while writing this music).

I recently had the pleasure of reading a set of notes that are not only awesome and entertaining but also informative and thought provoking. I don't mean the typical thoughts one gets while reading magic notes. You know, stuff like, "I paid how much for these?" or "Someone needs to learn how to use a spell checker".

One of the things I had never heard a term for, but understood the concept immediately, was the mention of something called "The Tipping Factor". The basic concept (taken from the notes) is: "The point at which, be it for good or ill, the scales of change begin to tip. I have found that many magic effects have a Tipping Point. By changing a single preconceived notion of a trick, you can tip it from a standard effect into the realm of themed presentation".

I can trace a HUGE revelation into my own show by the addition of one prop that brought everything together. If you look at your own work, you might realize the same has happened to you and you just didn't know it. If this has not happened to you, just wait. It's like getting harassed by Los Angeles cops. It's gonna happen... and soon.

I highly recommend you take that money you have been saving for the next overly hyped Papercrane product and instead hop yer happy ass over to and email him and tell him you want to purchase his appropriately titled notes called "Sometimes the Jokes are Just for Me". They are full of musings, advice, and even color photos. Spared no expense... and you won't get eaten by a Velociraptor afterwards!

Don't forget to tip yer waitress... Over.


PS: I put "other" on my sponge ball poll over there, but what other colors did I leave out? Is someone using a plaid sponge ball or something weird like that?

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