Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Where's the cream filling?

Some days I like to go wander aimlessly around youtube and watch various magic videos. Many of them make me feel better about my act while others are just truly enjoyable to watch.

One of my fave is manipulation acts. However, one thing I can't stand is the ridiculous posing, posturing, and trying to eat up time while trying to keep in time with the music. How many times can someone flick a silk around or twirl a cane? It's silly.

"Yes we see it... and we still see it... aaaand yes, still seeing it OH IT CHANGED TO SOMETHING ELSE... and I can see that now too.. and still seeing it..."

It cracks me up and makes me want to donkey punch the performers right in their wumpus when they do that. I bet if you took all of that time doing nothing, you would have a shorter act OR have more magical effects in it. This malady commonly effects the younger crowd more than anything else and usually in competition acts. (Unfortunately, even the "pros" still fall prey to this affliction.)

So take a little look at your act and remove every unnecessary action that you have. If it's wasted movement that doesn't move the act or story further, ditch it. In plain english: GET TO THE POINT ALREADY!!! Do you really need filler in your act? Does anyone? No! The only thing that needs filler in this world are snack cakes.

You don't really want to be a Twinkie do you?


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