Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tell us about it Janet...

This last week was spent helping my friend revamp his website. We had a few conversations about a great many things. One of them included something I know I do and I noticed he did a bit too. Dunno if this is a (back to) normal thing, but I figured I would talk about it as it seems like a good step towards creativity and hashing things out when you are working on new routines.

There are times I will have a new idea in mind and be describing it to friends (or anyone foolish enuff to stand near me for long periods of time) and I will add things that were never in the initial concept. By acting it out and trying to paint this visual picture that they can understand, little details and ideas just seem to flood forth.

So as an exercise, the next time you have some new shiny thought in your big smooth brain, why not tell a few people about it first and see what tumbles from your gaping maw. You might just work out a better method than you had in mind, or come up with some bit of business that adds to the routine as a whole. You'll be surprised what you can come up with when you just go with the flow.

Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.


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