Monday, February 01, 2010

Caw, caw, BANG! Fuck I'm dead!

Watched a demo for a new effect that is oot and aboot.

I think my one gripe for this idea is no moment of magic. It looks TOO mechanical to me. Yes yes, "but this is what it would look like if we really had magical powers" you say. However, we don't and since NO ONE does, nobody knows what it might look like, (Even if movies have tried and tried) We should really try to stick to a little bit of reality so the audience has some sort of foothold to grab onto. (Did that make sense to anyone else but me?)

If you subscribe to the "Too Perfect Theory" then this is one of those effects that has only ONE explanation. Chicanery of some kind. Without a reason for it too happen, it seems silly. Sure it's visual and cool and a new shiny toy for you to play with and then realize you can just do some other card move just as easy and cheaper... but is it really worth it? Mind you, some religions have been started on less.

But Kool-aid and Waco should have taught us something.


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