Monday, May 10, 2010

Tommy Wonder aside...

It is not unusual for stage magicians to be wired up to the waistband with weird devices for accomplishing miracles. However, this line of thought has permeated into the "street" magic sect of our art and quite frankly, it's silly.

So many products over the last year or two have promised powers over the elements and even the occasional drinking receptacle. The sad fact is these are items that are being released to turn a quick buck for the impulse magic enthusiast only to end up in the "Buy and Sell" part of any magic forum you may wander onto.

Some of the devices are so silly or cumbersome that many will try in vain to use them and get their money's worth but then one of two things will occur. They will get distracted by the next shiny happy trick holding hands OR they will realize that they can get more out of less and curse the day they coughed up hard earned cash for something that cost a third of the price to produce.

There is an upside to this of course. There are those few diligent souls who will find a use for these products and be one of a small handful doing it and making a name for themselves. In some ways everyone wins. The people who release it make a shiny nickel or two. The buys learn a valuable lesson to watch out for shoddy product, and a small percentage will actually get a great new trick they can use and will love. Quoth the Raven...

"Dismantle me for parts!"


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