Wednesday, September 08, 2010

It cracks me up all of the people who honestly think anyone but a singer/ musical act has ANY chance of winning AGT. All of the magicians were getting a semi because guys were making it farther than anyone else ever has. I want to say this once and for all, and if any of you EVER doubt me again, I will stuff an Arby's roast beef sandwich in your nose... sideways.

America's Got Talent will NEVER be won by a variety act... EVER!! It is a glorified American Idol!!

Call me a naysayer or what have you, but not only does history show us what is to transpire, but the contracts the participants have to sign does as well. AGT is a corporation. An evil, faceless, money grubbing corporation. You THINK they are doing this show to help people? HA! They are trying to boost their ratings and make a fat buck off of middle of the road ma and pa six-pack. A musical act generates more revenue and product, therefore, they will always prevail where money is concerned.

So good for the guys who made it as they did. Hopefully they can make it into something more for themselves. That is what shows like that are for. To whore yourself out as much as possible.

Talents like juggling and singing will always win out over magic because very few people have ever tried to pursue magic as a full time career. They don't know the skill or dedication it takes to make it, so therefore they don't appreciate it. Our talents are to remain secretive to perpetrate the illusion of what we embrace. We are like actors creating a story, but because that story is not some "classic" known piece if thespian culture, it is often snubbed.

Is there a way to fix this? Probably not anytime soon. Not with shows like AGT making us look like idiots or not giving a proper chance to those who might actually deserve it.

"That's Life" - Frank Sinatra

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