Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Commercial magic...

I was just watching a commercial where women were randomly handing each other yogurt. I understand it's all metaphor and theatrics to sell product, but it's also insulting to the intelligence of the person watching the TV. They don't really expect us to believe that being handed a cupful of bacteria by a stranger is going to illicit anything but strange looks and possibly security being called?

I don't watch TV for this reason. Commercials are dumb. Some are clever, but they are few and far between. ow does this apply to magic you ask? Well I will tell you Mr. Happy Consumer.

Think how annoyed people get watching dumb commercials that insult them on a mental level. Talking down to them, forcing them to believe ridiculous premises... sound familiar? Do you think the same people who dislike that kind of mental bombardment appreciate it when they are NOT watching TV?

Look at your magic... closely. Do you have any routines, patter, or tricks in general that could be off putting to a thinking person? (If you work solely for mental midgets then I suppose you can ignore this post but for the rest of you.) It's like I always say: I like to insult my audience, but not their intelligence.

Stick that in your idiot box and smoke it.

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