Monday, June 06, 2011

Silver spoon and a paper plate...

So while I troll the cafe looking for amusement I came across This Thread.

After reading it I agree with a few of the other people on there. Let me quote a bit: "You want your magic spoon fed to you on a silver (expletive deleted) platter. He shows so many different effects and possibilities on the demo, you didn't actually think that's what you were buying is it? It's a utility gimmick and I got that right from the demo watching it ONCE. Have we become so reliant on other people just handing us a routine that we can't think for ourselves anymore? Maybe you should just step away from the "Buy Now" button if you are gonna just take your ball and go home when you have to think for yourselves every so often. Oh "boo hoo" I can't do this one thing. DO YOUR OWN THING!!"

I don't think I could have said it better. Have we really become this co-dependent? Who is to blame? The creators or the consumers? Fuck it, let's just start making up excuses so we don't have to take responsibility for our own stupidity. The sun was in our eyes, my parents didn't hug me enough, my parents hugged me a little TOO much, the dog ate my homework, I'm a bi-polar manic depressive anti-social midget albino! I CAN'T THINK FOR MYSELF!!!

I hope I made my point...

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