Saturday, December 17, 2011

A warm moist opening...

I always laugh when someone calls a chair or broom suspension a floatation. To me they are more of a puzzle than any other illusions out there. Kind of like some of my ex's. Nice to look at but they're not fooling anybody.

I also like the fact Jay Sankey thinks about magic. This means he is not afraid to experiment and figure out the hows and WHYS of something. Despite the fact he does flood the market a bit from time to time with product, he tends to know his shit for the most part.

A new Product Demo I saw recently addresses something I agree with. A good opening to your set, routine, etc doesn't need to be anything but visual. Something to set the tone and mood and character of what is about to happen following it. I also believe suspensions are not magic. They are not a trick in themselves. They are a quick visual that is a layer on top of the rest. Effects like Jay's or Rick Lax's Vertigo are a great way to get people's attention and introduce props or ideas you are about to utilize for actual magic.

Suspend your disbelief my friends...

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