Friday, January 27, 2012

In your FACE!!

I recently removed a video from my Youtube channel. (No that's not news.) Not only was it on a dated video format, not only was it filmed in my living room, but it didn't show one important thing... my damn face.

We all know YT is chocked to death with crotch shots of magicians of varying ages showing off their headless magic. If you find yourself looking left and right after reading that sentence you might just need this bit of advice.

Rework your routines to be done up by your face. Simple as that. You are selling yourself not your skill. I have new for you there are plenty of skilled people out there and they dress better and don't live with their parents. You better be willing to stand out. Does the trick HAVE to be done looking down? Then at least start and end with your head. That way we know there is a personality attached to those hairy palms.

Let them see your bright smile! (unless you have a jacked up grill then just smirk a little) If you happen to be fugly then take a note from John Merrick.

We'll be glad you did.

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