Thursday, May 10, 2012

It finally happened...

When hell is full, the dead will make their own card decks.

When the Blue Crown announced it's website "House of Playing Cards" and the promise of "something never before blah blah blah" I knew it had to be the ability to create your own custom decks.

Damn I'm Good.

If you thought the flood of vanity decks was bad now, just wait til' every yahoo who thinks they know how to design stuff gets their hands on this. We are going to see a HUGE flux in custom decks soon. From the horribly tacky to beautifully autistic... er... artistic.

It's a new era and I am curious to see how long this plays out. This is a great tool but like all tools, must be used properly. Tho' to be honest...

I am very tempted to make my own.

PS: Next week is another guest week. It's been too long. Stay tuned for my special friends and their random thoughts.