Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Also, Nipples.

I liked this idea. However you should read the comments. They said pretty much everything I was thinking. Tricks like this are fun to watch but I don't think they are huge foolers.

One of the comments brings up a good point as well. "She did all the work". Man if this isn't the emperor's new clothes of the magic world. Most of the time when someone is doing illusions one person is posturing and waving their arms about while someone else does the dirty work. I think anyone with two working brains cells huddling together to make warmth can see that.

So what then makes a magician? Is it his tricks? Is it his skills? Perhaps it's the shoddy product he shills on those with more money than sense? Hell perhaps it's all of these things? That's up to your audience to decide.

I think people are fascinated with the impossible, not magic. Yes magic makes the impossible visible. However sometimes it's NOT impossible and people see right thru it. Art is fascinating at times because it seems impossible. People do "impossible" things everyday. Many times we use what they don't know is possible against them. We're not the only ones. Many sideshow performers live and die by this concept.

At the end of the day people don't want to be fooled, they would rather be entertained. They sometimes enjoy the fooling stuff, but they rarely seek it out. They would much rather have a good time. It's hard for some performer to grasp tho' because to them...

it is impossible.