Friday, April 12, 2013

Supporting my weight...

"I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member" - Groucho Marx

Apparently the SAM has decided they want to get 2400 likes on their new FB page in the next 24 hours. Some say it's too little too late. I say why support an organization that doesn't support you?

There are a ton of magic organizations that want your money. If these groups have actually contributed to your magic life/ career in any positive way then by all means give them your moolah. However if you have been nothing but rejected and seen other others ignored by these groups due to their close minded good old boys club elitist mentality then why would you bother?

I am sure they would tell you it's for the good of the magic community. That's great but what if you shy away from the magic community or vice versa. Organizations are not for everyone (tho' they will tell you they are) and some come to this realization too late and after the damage is done.

I also understand some people love magic so blindly that they want to be involved in anyway they can to help magic. There are those who truly want to take these groups out of the dark ages but the problem is most of them are run by people who are between the ages of 80 and death. Until they are out of the picture younger guys with innovative ideas get pushed to the side, squeezed out, or ignored.

There is a dark side to the magic world and dammit if I have to be the one lone voice to point it out and take the brunt of their ire for the rest of you so be it.

Thankfully I am not alone.

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