Thursday, September 05, 2013

That little red line...

In today's world almost EVERYTHING has built in spell check somewhere. It really makes me sad when I see spelling mistakes on a product that's being presented as professional quality. The fact that most trailers, books, videos, etc usually or should go by at least 2-3 sets of eyeballs before release and still fuck up huge fascinates me.

Why do I bring this up? The new trailer for Giovanni Liver'a effect Rope, Nut, Knot has a bit of an oops moment in it:
Even if English is not your first language someone should have said something before this got posted EVERYWHERE! Did Giovanni not see this before it went live?

Ok well I guess one little slip is fine. It happens. However...
HOW THE HELL DOES IT HAPPEN TWICE!? On his second product trailer for Salt and Silver the above screw up happens and I am pretty sure Eric Mead knows how to spell sophisticated so we can't blame him.

I am eagerly awaiting the third effect trailer to see if they just unleash the trifecta of "how the hell did that slip through"?

If you ever release any product make sure you get some people to preview it before it ever hits the eyes of the public. You don't need to look like an idiot and if you hire someone else to do it and they do this kinda stuff FIRE THEM...

Out of a cannon if need be.

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