Friday, May 02, 2014

It's not just us...

Mediocrity runs rampant in every sub-culture. It's just a fact.

As much as I support females in magic, I must say I encounter a lot of them who are just half-assing it (Which makes it hard for them to sit on a stool). It's mostly awkward teenage gals who know a few card tricks badly but get by being "cute" (or just easy). Eventually they find something else that requires less work and more attention (like stripping).

However while they are in our business they are causing more harm than good. Not just to the image of females in magic but ALL of magic. When one of us sucks, all of us suck regardless of gender.

I think a lot of the problem is self-esteem and lack of confidence. (This goes for both genders but is very prevalent in females) It takes a special kind of crazy to just say "fuck it", throw caution to the wind, and just crazygonuts. That kind of behavior is rarely encouraged in girls unless it's at a frat party and it leads to sex.

So to all of you wannabe's with estrogen, get your ass in gear and learn some skill and don't expect your body/looks to get you by forever because they won't. You can use your femininity as a novelty but eventually the novelty wears off and you need to back it up with some actual knowledge.

Hop to!


  1. Maybe it's because you're in Vegas and that's the norm there, here in the UK I think it's the opposite way around. I've never met a clueless female magician here who gets by with tits and eyelashes, but I have seen a whole ream of guys who think they can get by on swagger and confidence. Card workers who flash every other move and say they get away with it by being 'bold' and laughing it off if things go wrong. They have this enhanced sense that they can front it out and beat any criticism.

    Conversely all the other women I've met in magic are, much like myself, in a position of lowered confidence - because we know that to compete with men we actually have to put more work in. The alternative, as you say, is to go down the route of essentially being a conjuring lap dancer, but you know what? Most of us have a little more self respect than that.

    Maybe I'm just being over sensitive because it's my gender (More than half the planet, and WAY less than half the magicians, remember that) under attack here, but half-assing it is far from a women only problem.

  2. It's not so much the gender as those with said gender that give the rest a bad name. They do tend to gravitate towards Vegas (like all bad magicians male or female) but they do start somewhere else.

    The lowered confidence thing I would say starts well before the interest in magic as I see many who are new to it and they are already afflicted.

    As you well know I attack both sides of the fence here. That was just certain subject that caught my ire.

  3. Anonymous2:44 PM

    So whats the excuse for all the shitty male magicians out there? Because I've been in magic for a loooong time and I cant even BEGIN to describe the amount of half assed magic acts I've seen from men. I could spend five minutes on youtube or instagram and see a hundred shitty male magicians but yeah you're right, its definitely the ones with estrogen bringing down the art.

    1. First off I have NEVER said it's JUST women bringing down the art.

      As for the shitty male magicians, magic is extremely inbred. This affects both genders but one of the reason there are shitty performers on both sides is it's too easy to call yourself a "magician". It's one of the few arts where your bank account dictates your job title. There are no checks and balances and the internet makes it easy for EVERYONE to get their material out there.


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