Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I created a new effect the other day and while I was trying to figure out some pieces of the puzzle, I hit upon a weird concept that might be familiar to some of you.

Creating magic is kind of like javascript.

For those of you who are fortunate enuff to have had more of a life than some of us, allow me to explain. Some javascript works on a language that uses if/then/else statements.

When I was working out a method for this effect I had to narrow down my options and what had to happen. In other words if (this), then (this) but if (this) else (that); Basically, to make the effect happen the way I want, a certain thing has to happen and to make that certain thing happen this OTHER thing has to occur. Do you see what I mean?

One thing leads to another and one idea triggers another. To get from point A to point B certain criteria have to be met or else I have to go another direction. It might seem silly but sometimes the creative process very much is.

function myFunction() {

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