Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I'm with the banned...

Hey guess who joins the ranks of the no longer loved from the magic cafe? Thaz right our good pal, Steve Fearson!!

Let's find out why shall we? He has released a new effect called the Psi-Device. It enables you to make a small piece of foil or paper move. Not around the room, not jump like a frickin' grasshopper, but move a bit. As if you had mild telekinetic powers. Here is the kick. It can be totally covered over the top with a glass and on a spectators hand. No magnets, thread, blowing, etc. Sound impossible? It's not.

So over at the our favorite overblown magic board, the "pros" were speculating what it could be. Problem with this is they might be guessing at a method but putting ANY idea into someones head as to what it might be is almost exposure. They might get it right and then what? Well after a few harsh words about the expediate way the thread was moderated (apparently CRAP is a cuss word now) he was escorted out. The thread is deleted by the way, which is good.

Mind you with exquisite promo photos like this
I can see why the moderator took offense. He has probably heard the term crap regarding himself one too many times. Mind you with that kind of stuff not being caught and taken care of or moderated properly, you can hurt someones business. It's not just in magic, but everywhere. We are just going in circles around the edge of the bowl now folks. One day we are all just gonna get banned from everything and someone is gonna push the Game Over button and then what will we do? It's human nature to complain and see the negative in all good things. Look at the concept of Hell and Heaven. Gawd forbid we ALL get to go to a nice place. Nope, we gotta send the undesirables to a hellish unsanitary place.. like New Jersey. Well Steve, welcome to TMC purgatory. Here is a glass of lemonade and a nudie magazine.

We welcome you with open arms.


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