Thursday, August 30, 2007

This magic moment...

Wow two posts in less than 24 hours! What is this 2003 all over again?

Regardless, this is something I have wanted to touch on for a bit (Kind of like a catholic priest) and I was talking about it last night with a friend so..

There is a theory in magic that talks about prolonging the "Moment of Magic"TM. That moment is different for the magician as opposed to the person you are inflicting your art onto. Lemme splain'.

Let's say you are doing a simple coin vanish. The moment you perform your fake take, le tourniquet vanish, classic palm, etc... the moment of magic is over. For you the trick is done. For them it has JUST begun. At this point you can wave your hand over the coin (providing time misdirection so they can't backtrack as easily) and then open your hand. The magical "gesture" is their moment of magic. You can even go so far as to ditch the coin somewhere and pass the "coin" from hand to hand thus further prolonging the moment of befuddlement.

It's an easy concept but a harder practice. For us we just wanna get the damn thing over with after we pass that point for ourselves. Some people however go a bit TOO far and try to prolong it to cure for insomnia type proportions. There is a fine line and YOU have to find it for yourself AND your audience. The one thing you don't want to do is hurry it along.. Let them get into it, observe your conviction, and be led TOTALLY down the path. No point in jumping the gun...

And any woman will tell you that is paramount.


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