Tuesday, October 09, 2007

It's aboot exposure...

So expose yourself as much as possible. No.. wait.

With the internet explosion of mediums such as Myspace and Youtube, magic has seen a weird flux in exposure. (Some good, some bad) Never has it been so easy to see, and possibly figure out, some of your fave magic tricks.

Mind you with technology in the palm of your hand, it was only a matter of time that you can download your magic almost INSTANTLY!! It makes it easier to get quantity (And on the rare occasion, quality) at the touch of a button or three. Magicians, who some people may have never heard of because they are not on the hip new sites or putting out video after video, are getting a new breath of life... even the dead ones.

So with that in mind, we here at Fire Cat Studios offer to you, our adoring masses, a free gift!! For those who purchased Helter Shelter: The Movie (And even for those who didn't) We are offering a tutorial of the Sliced and Restored Newspaper (as seen in this video) for your unyielding support in our products. You can view all the juicy details Here.

It's all about the Pentiums baby.


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