Thursday, October 30, 2008

Glad yer into it...

There is a lot to be said for enjoying what you do. If a time ever comes when it starts to feel like work.. stop doing it.

I don't understand not being 100% into what you do when you hit a stage. I also cannot FATHOM how you can be an entertainer and have skill and yet not, even in the SLIGHTEST way, play to the crowd. Especially when yer doing a silent act. It's even MORE important! It makes my wind wobble.

It also angers me that lackluster entertainment runs rampant in this world. Here is some advice: Regardless of yer day, even if yer wife left, killed your dog, and lit yer house on fire, it's still wrong to take it out on your audience. Hot glue on that fake smile for a day if you have to, but despite the fact we might be our own bosses we whore ourselves out to someone else from time to time and they wanna feel they got their money's worth well after they have wiped themselves off with the hotel curtains. (Too far?) Be pissed and bored on your own time.

The show must go on.. and on.. and on...


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