Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lies all lies!!

So this weekend I was performing at Jeff McBride's Wonderground. (Which I highly recommend). Got to meet some faboo people and see some performances. Something hit me this weekend while watching some stuff... we are a bunch of damned liars.

Ok well some of us more than others. I am all for setting tone and character and whatnot, but when you go so far as to say "This is the first trick I ever learned as a kid", and yer in yer 30's, you better not SUCK at it, or you will reek of LIES!!

"I remember my grandfather showing me this when I was.. " STOP IT, YER ADOPTED!! My issue I guess is, if you are not drawing from real life experience, and drawing from what you KNOW, then why should the audience care. If yer the 8th magician they have heard say this exact shpeel from, then some might become suspicious. Be true to thyself. When you are drawing from real events, even a little bit, it will show thru and let the audience in a bit. If you keep them at bay with yer little black lies, then you will be lost in a sea of magicians who believe they are being unique.. by doing something they saw someone else do.

Fitzkee wrote, "People are interested in one thing.. people." Don't be just another talking head. That was a band in the 0's and they did a fine job without anyone else's help. Just be yourself..

If you don't who will wear your pants?


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