Sunday, July 05, 2009

Death drop soup...

This Shit just irritates me like wet under wear.

When did the idea of "magical escapes" seem like a good idea. If you scroll down about halfway of that story above you will see an account of Steve Wyrick's supposed "Death Drop". Not only did he FAIL to do what he has been advertising for weeks, he pretty much just insulted the intelligence of an entire crowd of people. We don't live in the dark ages anymore. Most educated people (more than we think believe it or not) know that magic isn't real. They take it for what it is. Entertainment... more or less.

By appearing somewhere else TOTALLY out of congruency with your intended outcome, they KNOW you snookered them and will feel cheated. Not only have you made yourself look like a tool, but ALL magicians.

The sad part is most high profile magic guys have done this lame crap. Lance Burton did it. Criss Fishing Rod LOVES to do it. The only person who hasn't done some totally idiotic escape is David Copperfield. Don't get me wrong; David did do the Imploding building stunt, BUT he didn't just appear on the roof of another building after the building fell. He actually made his appearance magical and interesting. Does that make it necessarily right? No, but it does make it seem interesting and impressive. To make up for it he did an ACTUAL escape from a strait jacket over spikes. Despite how more or less safe it was, that did take some balls.

Appearing at the back of a theater from a flaming or exploding box is feasible. It's theatrics. However, when you come in from a helicopter or appear on a high up building yelling like an idiot, it falls under the too perfect theory and isn't magical at all. You are just showing off and you might as well give the entire audience the finger and yell, "HA HA I FOOLED YOU!! YER ALL IDIOTS!"

I think it's high time to stop these foolish magical escapes and focus on something else.. like I dunno.. MAKING BETTER MAGIC!! It's shake and bake...

and I helped.


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