Saturday, July 11, 2009

What did you do Ray?

I was flipping thru the old Tarbell books, (full of hidden knowledge, everyone should own them, yadda yadda, etc etc), and in volume two there is a line I couldn't help but love.

"People judge their gods by the miracles they perform."

Man oh man. Let THAT ONE sink in a bit. When you see someone do the 21 card trick, are you impressed? Hell no. Is anyone? Maybe. Then you see someone levitate, turn 360 degrees in the air, explode and reappear elsewhere... well hell, let's start us a religion and go to Waco!

If you want to be perceived as a powerful figure, do powerful magic. If you want to be seen as Fondles the Clown or someone's creepy uncle, then do shitty pasteboard trickery.

Now I obviously don't mean to be taken a deity literally. (unless you want people to go for that) I just mean to be looked upon as someone who might be cooler than them in some way. It's not just your magic either. It's your personality, dress, character, the whole package. (not YOUR whole package. Save that for "private time")

A good example is a recent contestant on America's Got What the Producers Perceive as Talent. His choice of magic was lackluster. His persona was egotistical and uppity. His dress was alright, but a tad common. No one looked upon him as a higher power at all. His miracles... were all store bought.

So remember: When someone asks you if you are a god....



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