Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Ending?

Alright guys, lemme set the record straight here, bigger is not better!

I see a number of magicians who think that the way to end a manip routine is to produce some big cartoony over-sized prop.

This makes you look like a children's magic show magician! Seriously. Using objects out of place with reality will not gel terribly well with a real world audience. They will more wonder where you got it from or who made it for you. Using objects people know and have handled and SEEN is usually the way to go. there are exceptions. If an object is fairly nondescript like a ball, then you are alright. Even jumbo playing cards are ok... in some instances.

You don't NEED that huge ending that everyone else does. There are other and usually better ways to finish. Don't rely on your props to get you thru an act, work on your personality and character and let THAT be your guide.

Put down the jumbo crack pipe folks, thaz all I ask.


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