Sunday, August 08, 2010

Lap Banned...

Only a couple days left until the winner of the closet contest is announced. (The poll has nothing to do with the outcome by the way, I was just curious.)

It's been many years since I took umbrage with the asshats over at the Magic Cafe. I have sat "idly" by and watched people get their words hacked and slashed and removed because someone on a higher rung didn't agree with them. Now sure I understand outright being a douche online for no reason should get you smacked a little bit if you do it constantly, however I have seen helpful information get removed because someone "they didn't like" was writing it.

Well this time, I am going to point some big middle fingers at the green weenie once again because they have banned a friend of mine who was trying to HELP inform people about an illusion company who rips people off. Apparently ANYTIME this company is slandered, the posts get locked or magically vanish. No one knows why, but I suspect fellatio is involved.

Bad form to you soup kitchen. For shame... BOO THIS MAN!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

"America stands for freedom
But if you think you're free
Try walkin into a deli
And urinating on the cheese"


UPDATE: This just in!! Proof that the people over there do NOT care about you or what you think! The following is an exchange thru PM's and email. Enjoy!

Friend: After receiving a PM on the Café that my Snap Illusions thread had been deleted and it "was in my best interest" I didn't post it again and I shouldn't be making "ideal" threats, I replied with a brief:

"Dave (Scribner), you're an ass.

And it's spelled, "idle."

His reply? (My comments have been added for amusement in parentheses and non-italicized)

You're welcome to your opinion but the big difference here between me and you is I still have Cafe priviledges and you don't. (Apparently one of those privileges is not having a spell checker handy)

You obviously have no respect for the Cafe as you feel you can post whatever you want with no regard for the rules and you have no respect for Cafe staff, especially management. (There is no rule that prevents you from posting facts to warn others about fraudulent companies)

A simple PM, which was not required but sent as a courtesy, explaining why a topic was deleted, was received with antagonism, demands and idle (are you happy I spelled it correctly?) threats toward the Cafe. The Cafe is not, has not and never will be concerned with one person. (Read that line again!) You certainly aren't happy with our rules so you're probably better off visiting other forums. (Amen)

Are these the kind of people you want to help make money by visiting their site? They don't care about you and never have. Wake up and smell the hypocrisy!

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