Sunday, December 19, 2010

Duly noted...

I once had some ass clown magician review one of my early products and say that it should be in some lecture notes with other effects. I didn't disagree so that is now where the effect lies.

I worked in a magic shop at the time and saw many a one trick pony come across our shelves that were great ideas, but did indeed belong in a collected works or at the very least a linking ring one man parade. Some of these were clever, but rarely for the price tag charged. (23 dollars for a card box with a hole in it and some rubber bands? Really?)

Ah, but the internet and desktop publishing would soon herald in the apocalypse of 1 trick items that are clamored for and then forgotten like so much trendy refuse. I bring this up because I saw a clever trick that just got released. Seems a bit much for the price and I am sure could easily be a "Build it yo'self" kinda deal. (However, I know how lazy people are and they want it right here, and right now)

To be fair you have to start somewhere, and it is nice to see people releasing multiple effects onto one source every now again, regardless of how good the motivation is to perform them.

Cest' la vie

(Can you believe I've been doing this now for 7 years?)

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